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August 22, 2018


Clementine, the girl who always wears a scruffy baseball cap over her short hair, is one of the most recognizable and beloved gaming characters today. During the six years that the interactive series The Walking Dead has been running, together with her we have learned to live and survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, not to trust anyone and endure the loss of loved ones. Over the years, she has turned from a child who is protected and educated, into an adult who protects herself, makes difficult decisions and educates: in little AJ – character, and in Telltale Games employees – the desire to improve themselves and make even cooler games.

More beautiful, more realistic, more comfortable

The fact that the restructuring of the studio, which happened after the scandalous departure last year of its co-founder Kevin Bruner (Kevin Bruner), benefited the games of Telltale Games, it became clear even at the end of Batman: The Enemy Within, where graphics, optimization, and gameplay, and plot non-linearity were taken to a new level. In the first episode of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, improvements are also immediately evident.

Despite the fact that the game was developed on the same engine (it will be the last one in the Telltale Games piggy bank made on it), the graphics look better than in the third season – both in terms of the quality of animation (especially the front one), and work with light, and detailing the environment. Everything seems more realistic, alive, detailed and cinematic.

Cinematicity is also facilitated by the fact that the camera dropped almost over the shoulder of the main character, allowing you to look around more freely – in this form, what is happening no longer resembles a classic quest, but a third-person adventure. Thanks to this, it became more convenient to manage Clem during the exploration of locations.

Walking Dead: The Final Season game review

At almost every step you have to choose something.

Some episodes with QTE also turned out to be more interesting – for example, the one where Clem, along with AJ, fight off zombies in the car. Here everything is implemented almost with a view from the eyes, very dynamic, realistic and, again, even more cinematic. In other scenes, we are even allowed to choose how to deal with the dead – melee or using traps. Finally, while collecting items, information about them now immediately appears on the screen – it looks fresh and convenient, although it does not directly affect the gameplay, which has practically not changed since the first season.

My favorite teacher

The plot looks better so far than in the same third season. Several years have passed since the events of A New Frontier. Clem and AJ drive around in a car looking for food, but, as usual, they find a new group of survivors (this time teenagers who settled in the old school building). At the same time, no more second lines and former Cuban baseball players. Javier’s story from the third season and the decisions he made are not taken into account in any way – at least not yet.

The writers generally returned to the themes of the first season. Everything is focused on Clem and is built not only and not so much around survival, but around growing up and raising a child who is forced to grow up externally in the midst of the nightmare that surrounds him. Only Clementine herself now acts as an educator.

Walking Dead: The Final Season game review

Killing zombies with traps is something new!

Choice ahead

Of course, and here there are questions to the writers. The characters seem to talk too much about how bad everything is around, accompanying this with insipid “I’m sorry”, “I understand everything” and “Yes, it’s hard for everyone right now.” And the air already smells of burning, tension and the inevitable meeting with a group of regular “bad” survivors, naturally much more adult and cynical – the main motives and plot moves are guessed in advance.

However, the final 20 minutes turn everything upside down and hit the butt on the head. The writers really manage to surprise and charge remarkable intrigue for the second episode. And in general, there are no critical inconsistencies, and the new characters are well developed – especially Marlon, the leader of a group of teenagers.

As for the notorious moral choice and its real impact on the plot, it is still too early to draw conclusions. While everything is developing in the traditional way for Telltale Games – no matter what you decide, the finale of the episode will be the same. But from Batman: The Enemy Within, we know that the updated Telltale is capable of more, so I hope for the best in the next installments of The Final Season.

Walking Dead: The Final Season game review

Little AJ can be extremely helpful.


The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Episode 1 – Done Running – not perfect, not the most dynamic and dramatic, but overall a good seed. The main events are yet to come, and in them we are clearly waiting for a lot of interesting, dynamic and dramatic. The first episode fulfills its main task – it forms the main intrigue and shows that everything will revolve around the story of Clem and AJ. And this is the main thing in this case.

Pros: an interesting story in general, which leaves an excellent reserve for the future; well-written characters; the game looks more realistic and cinematic; management has become more convenient.

Cons: the plot does not develop very dynamically; as long as there is no real non-linearity in the scenario.

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