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I’ve been in gaming journalism since 2004, Telltale Games was also formed in 2004. I knew them when they were little, like this, from their sitcom Sam & Max. They grew up before my eyes… Pass a drink, please, yes, I remember not clinking glasses… Well, it’s better to get together and soberly, while it’s still possible, take a look at the second episode of the final season of The Walking Dead. Usually, we do not review each individual episode in such cases, but here you understand. It is possible that the third and fourth will not come out at all. Therefore, now is the time to appreciate the creative tone of Telltale on the eve of its untimely death and mourn what we have lost. Or not upset?

“Who is guilty?” instead of “What to do?”

To be honest, a lot of things in The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 2 just sets you up to “not feel sad.” The plot has problems with logic, and with the rhythm of the narrative, and with its content. After the news of the closure of Telltale Games, I think all the sympathizers have already read the second episode, so you can talk about everything frankly without fear of accusations of spoilers (although I still won’t give out the key plot points).

So, I have a lot of questions to the logic. Why do children who have just found out that the leader of their small community of survivors actually traded them and gave some of the guys to raiders located somewhere nearby, the first thing they start not to think about is how to protect themselves and what the raiders need from them in general, but attack a frightened child, who shot that very villainous leader?

And even then, having learned that these same raiders attacked Clementine and AJ, for some reason they again begin to decide their fate, postponing the main issue for later. Guys, you have some armed uncles and aunts practically on the doorstep, they follow you and, it seems, take the children into slavery, and you argue and vote, can you trust a girl with a wounded child in her arms? Well, you are not looking for enemies there, not there …

Teen Series

It is clear that all these moments are needed to escalate the drama, the nerve around the relationship between teenagers, but why are you so merciless with logic? And in general, it is felt that the writers of Telltale did not succeed in the teenage drama – there are too many empty conversations, theatrical gestures and facial expressions, too much pretense. The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Episode 2 обзор игры

“Get up, the children’s court is coming!”

The only thing that managed to catch up and overtake Life is Strange is that two girls here can kiss much earlier without hiding their feelings. By themselves, these lyrical digressions with the need to choose between a girl and a boy and looking at the starry sky together are good, but one gets the impression that they were introduced only to please the advocates of the rights of sexual minorities.

Clem’s educational conversations with AJ no longer evoke the emotions that were in the first episode. Well, you don’t feel the connection between them that was between Clementine and Lee in the first season. Again, a lot of empty chatter and platitudes, everything is done somehow too head-on, or something. Don’t shoot, don’t kill unnecessarily, go apologize, wash your hands before eating… The scriptwriters understand what they want to say, but they don’t understand how to do it so that we believe it, so that it doesn’t look like a reply, they say, here we have AJ’s upbringing line is revealed – by analogy with how Lee raised Clem in the first season.

Greetings from the past

Yes, the episode has its strong points. The appearance of Lilly saying hello from the first season; a brand new mysterious character named James, who represents a subspecies of survivors who have learned to live among zombies by wearing leather masks; nightmares that haunt Clem and AJ – all this is intriguing and promises a lot of interesting things.The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Episode 2 обзор игры

Chloe and Max?

And when the kids, having finally sorted each other out, remember the need to somehow defend themselves from the raiders, and the dynamics begin, when we draw up a school defense plan, determine where and what traps to set, then we defend it and decide which of the two key characters to save recall the best moments from previous seasons.

However, even here you can eat tar. James appears and immediately disappears into the fog, traps, no matter which one you decide to set, kill the same raider. And the capture of the most bloodthirsty among them hostage is generally a frank self-repetition.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Episode 2 обзор игры

Here you can shoot from a bow, but it is implemented on a C grade.


After all this, one involuntarily asks the question: is it really the fact that Telltale Games itself has turned into a living dead, only investors are to blame, who refused at the last moment to invest some millions in the studio? Perhaps the team found itself in a creative impasse and crisis? It is clear that everything here is superimposed together. But it is equally obvious that Telltale Games, which once single-handedly created the genre of such interactive games-series, subsequently got into trouble, got bogged down in self-repetitions and stopped developing – while those who followed the path trodden by it or worked in in similar directions, just managed to reach the level of a real interactive cinema. Take a look at Until Dawn and the same Life is Strange – there both the quality of the graphics is higher, and there are more real, rather than illusory non-linearities with real consequences of the choice.

Telltale’s management, of course, understood all this and it was not without reason that they started a reboot this year, deciding to do less, but better. However, judging by what we have seen, the final season of The Walking Dead, like the potential second seasons of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Wolf Among Us, could please us fans at most. But it would hardly feed the bloated staff of 250 people living in San Francisco.

Pros: Lilly’s return; the emergence of a new character who knows how to manage a herd of zombies; an intriguing romantic line (more precisely, even two).

Cons: little dynamics in the first half of the episode; a lot of banal dialogues; self-repetitions; the consequences of some decisions are no different.

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