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The Wild at Heart is a game in the style of the Pikmin and Overlord series, where you can indirectly control a group of small funny creatures that run after you, fight for you, collect resources, help solve puzzles and gain access to new areas. We tell you how interesting it is to do it here and what else the game is remarkable for.

Escape from reality

What is especially remarkable about The Wild at Heart is immediately evident. This, of course, is about a warm, lamp art style. In it, you see, there is something childish, almost cartoonish. And this is no coincidence – we play for two children, the boy Wake (Wake) and the girl Kirby (Kirby). They decided to escape from the coastal town where they lived and settle in a wooden house built by themselves in nature.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

This plan came up with Weik, who always showed remarkable engineering talents. He even assembled a Gustbuster device – a kind of automatic vacuum cleaner that sucks up resources with terrible force and destroys some objects. Armed with it and a backpack, Wake went into the woods to meet Kirby as planned, but lost his map and got lost. And then he met a strange little creature and followed him – and, just like in Alice in Wonderland, he ended up in a magical world, which in this case is called The Deep Woods.

Veik soon found out that since ancient times this forest has been guarded by the local order of the Guardians, which is now going through hard times.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

Among the Guardians there are extremely funny characters.

Many Guardians dispersed in all directions and disappeared. And it’s up to Wake and Kirby (she soon found a friend and joined the adventure) to bring them together so that the order regains its former strength and can resist the curse that has struck the forest. The fact is that at night terrible monsters appear here – Never (The Never), which steal memories and feed on emotions. Because of this, the locals even began to forget their names. And in general, all this threatens with big problems not only for the forest, but also for the world where Wake and Kirby live.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

Encounters with these monsters create tension and suspense.

Global and personal

In the process of rescue, they will have to explore and discover new locations, collect resources, craft items, communicate with bizarre creatures and complete story or side quests. At the same time, you need to do this all during the day, and with the onset of darkness you have to rush to the camp, where you can sleep until the morning and avoid meeting Never.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

The main camp has characters with their services and side quests.

In parallel, the personal stories of our heroes are developing. They turned out to be very emotional and not childish at all. Despite all the fabulousness of the world, the game speaks to us about serious things. The kids didn’t just run away from home. Wake’s dad drinks and rarely pays attention to his son, and Kirby is generally an orphan and does not remember his parents. And now the guy, resting in the camp, now and then sees the same dream, where his father is sitting in front of the TV – new details gradually appear, drama is pumped up, and all this in the end can even break through to a tear.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

Veika keeps nothing at home.

my legion

As I said, the basis of The Wild at Heart gameplay is exploration, resource gathering and crafting. Moreover, you can craft both according to found recipes, and according to your own, improvised ones – creative freedom in mixing ingredients is only encouraged here. So you can either learn how to make one big piece of garbage out of three pieces of garbage (and what, saves space in your inventory and then you can sell it for more!), Or invent a useful potion.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

Crafting is allowed only on workbenches in the camp.

But the main charm in The Wild at Heart is still the interaction with spritelings, those very funny creatures that I talked about in the introduction. At the very beginning, we are given literally a few, but as we progress, the number increases. And this is important – it is them that we throw towards the enemies, and the more, the faster the spritelings will defeat them.

The role of opponents is mainly played by local living creatures.

It is spritelings, if you direct them towards a large stone and if there is the right number of creatures (somewhere 8 is required, somewhere 20, and somewhere all 75), they are able to move it away and open a passage to a new area. Also, if they throw creatures in the right place, they will destroy some obstacles, destroy poisonous mushrooms, grab and bring us useful items for crafting and destroy various containers, flowers, berries and beehives from which resources fall out.

The easiest way to pick up resources is with an automatic vacuum cleaner.

Then we will open (if we understand how) access to other types of creatures. The fiery spritelings will set fire to the thorny bushes that block our path and will pass through the charred ground, and the frosty spritelings will go through the ice, where ordinary people with frightened faces turn into ice.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

It looks extremely funny.

Upgrades are the head

In this situation, the main thing for us is to look for how to get to new areas and collect a special luminous dew, for which in the central camp (and there are others, smaller ones) you can increase the maximum number of spirits you can carry with you. In the same place, for the dew from the embryos found, you can “grow” new creatures and pump the health of our assistants. This is important – after all, they can die from a meeting with some kind of obstacle, an enemy, and even more so with Never, who generally kill with a couple of blows. Therefore, you have to constantly replenish the ranks and reserves of your army.

Also, at your base, you need to build buildings that open access to other useful upgrades – so, among other things, we will be able to receive rewards for found relics, improve the health of heroes and their devices. The latter are also very helpful. With the help of his automatic vacuum cleaner, Wake not only attracts resources and spritelings, but also spins fans that open doors and knock down trees with a gust of wind so that they become a bridge.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

For some buildings, you first need to find and bring a special artifact.

And Kirby has a special device that can destroy sources of pollution that prevent us from entering new territory. In addition, the girl knows how to crawl into narrow places where Wake cannot squeeze through. All this, of course, is used in solving puzzles – you often have to switch between characters.

The Wild at Heart: Обзор

These switches are implemented conveniently.

Playing The Wild at Heart is a pure aesthetic, mental, and gameplay pleasure. True, there are two problems. Firstly, we practically do not participate in battles – everything is too simple here. And secondly, many enemies and sources of resources are constantly respawning, which is what the game pushes us to grind – you just start to run past. But all this is trifles against the background of obvious advantages. A non-banal fairy tale story, complemented by serious themes, lamp style and a variety of gameplay, where there are battles, and riddles, and crafting, and collecting resources, and an army of extremely funny magical creatures, does not leave anyone indifferent.

Pluses: not worn out setting; a fabulous story about saving the world is combined with personal dramas; addictive gameplay with elements of metroidvania, crafting, survival and strategy; superb audiovisual performance.

Cons: the battles are simple – we hardly participate in them; in some places the grind becomes too much.

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