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Demons revive along with the fading gentle. The thriller Witch emerged secretly…… Salvation or annihilation? The Witch Rebirth is an RPG to bewitch you. Administration the resurrected Witch; give it a shot! Revenge or salvage is UP TO YOU!

You are The Witch, The Witch rebirthed from the Chaos, actually really feel the heartbeat of the Magic! Your sole mission is to battle! Come on, the artful evil, don’t you dare to type my bullet!

The Witch Rebirth Mod APK 1.0.5 (Free Shopping)

You don't even play the game or the plays for you. Totally SUCKS.... Enjoyable and relaxing. Great. This game steal intellectual art of another game The main witch thay they put and the weapon is stolen from the game call Bayonetta 2 Disgusting and unprofessional. Really nice graphic.

Good game. So far, the good . Great game. Great game. Yeah.

Great game. I love the graphics.. Great game. No necromancer like in the ads. Just started and very confusing. Game looks amazing.

Love the graphics. Just started...very nice so far.... It's a decent game but I feel like the one character is just a rip off of Bayonetta.. The artwork is fantastic! It moves really fast, but no problems on my phone. An awful lot going on, but you're not really penalized if you take some time to appreciate it. :). Very cool game.

Great RPG. I love the game. Very fun... Premium benefits defitely worth the amount paid.. For Now looks Cool And Good Graphics. Ok.

Complete Bayonetta rip off AVOID. I definitely love the artwork the background music so far I am loving it. Great game. Just started the game and so far it's great! Easy to follow and understand. Graphics are good too!!. Awesome.

Not so far, need to Improve more graphics and loots, specially the level up.. Its so fast and can understand what's the objective.. Copyright. Don't get.. It's not the same as what you show in the ad. Ads are 3d with high graphics but the game 2d with no graphics.. Fun game to play. So far so good I'm not bored with it yet..

I love the game. Good. Game keeps force closing every few mins .. Cool. Not bad this .

It is put together nicely. It is amazing game! Love the anime ans the style!. I liked it that i gave it 5 stars. I like auto play and VIP. Not bad.

Love this game! 5 stars I would thought it would be boring but I'm actually starting to get addicted to it!! OMG. Wonder how long until they get sued definitely don't think they have the rights to Bayonetta . The app itself was very slow and glitched alot. I like what they where going for though. Amazing. It's an auto pay game... the graphics are just okay..

Plagiarism at it's finest, stolen characters and assets from Bayonetta.. It would be a cool game if I didn't keep getting kicked out of it!. Extremely enjoyable. Good so far. Fun game.

It's fun but kinda glitchy. Its fun and easy to play. Confusing at first but I got it. Nice game. Love this game.

Wow. Almost had me all in. I hate WINGS. I just games stop with the WINGS STUFF. Decent game so far. Awesome. Because i want to.

The graphics are poor and one of the witches looks almost like Bayonetta. Which isn't that copyright and is illegal to steal another character from a popular game series?. Excellent. I just started this game and I love it.. Cool game. This game is good..

So far it's great. nicr. Nice so tar. So far I like it.. Fun.

I don't know how this game got rated so high. It's just a cookie cutter of all the bad rpg games I've ever played.. very good. To fast.. story just Flys by matches are won in 1 sec. Dialog is to fast to read. Feels like this game was made in a hurry..BTW Bayonetta is a trademark By saga. Hope they have The rights to it because I could see a Lawsuit in the future. Best game. Qhy not just let the game on its own The only thing a player does is click on the next mission You better make a real game next time.

Just started playing and so far I love it. The only thing I wish is that you had the option of a male or female character in all of the classes at the start of the game.. Nice game!! Great game play!. Awesome game. Nice so far. Love it!.

It a fun game. Cool. This game looks exactly like the kind of game I've been looking for. However I can't play? After install I loaded the game and I keep getting a tip saying I'm disconnected and to tap ok to reconnect when the network is unobstructed? Please help fix and I'll do a real review. Best adventure game on your phone.. Good graphics gameplay is cool and relaxing.

Beautiful mmo love it. Good. Join. Very cool game. It's a good game, kinda reminds me of Bayonetta.

Nice. So far so good,will update soon.. Nice game easy to play HAVE FUN PLAYING. veoma lepa. So far day one im loving graphics smooth operation system phone is running game smoothly .

. It fun. Great game needs more male characters. Haven't hit a paywall, lots to do and decent graphics. I'm enjoying it so far. Boot-leg Bayonetta also this game isn't good,stop lying.

Just started, great graphics, easy game play let's see how far I can get on F2P only. We shall see. You gotta fix the sound. It cuts out when you go to make purchases. Have to force close the game to solve this as well as leave the game in general. Fix that too, please.. The graphics and game mode is amazing and I just downloaded about a hour ago. So far so good I just wish RPG games were not all the time go straight to auto. What happened to actually looking for yourself like it use to be. Amazing graphics.

10/10. Great. Good game. I want rewards. Awesome game.

Rating 5 for the rewards will change later if necessary. A very good game. Very fun game!. The game looks great, but the constant crashing just makes it unplayable. Good .

I am just a little queer menace wanting to stare at not-bayonetta. This reminds me of Chaos Blade. I literally didnt even play the game yet, I NEED Bayonetta. Beautiful graphics and easy to maneuver. I love it.

I don't like the game it crashes when I'm about to start fix please I'm giving this game 1 star. Good game. Great game. Beautiful graphics.. But like any other MMORPG.. You don't really need to be too in control of the goings on.. It's another tap tap game.. But the design is definitely gorgeous... Terrible game. Everything is auto from the beginning. I could not even get a break to open the settings to try to turn off auto because everytime I opened up settings, the game kept bringing me back to gameplay. So the settings window could not stay open for more than 5 seconds. So I don't even know if there is an option to turn off auto-play. If there isn't then please consider putting one and I will change my rating. Also my character runs too fast..

Looks good. Very fun game. cool. It was fun.. Ok.

Only a few minutes in, but so far a typical mobile mmo. Good visuals, but litte to no actual game play. Hopefully, I will be surprised after playing longer. If so, I'll update my review.. It's cool. Cool game. Cool. Autoplay freeworld???.

Great game. I love this game. Awesome. Very generic and the autoplay plus mass info and over information saturates the game. It becomes a flash show of [Press here to win]. One good part of the game is how good efficient is in their resources. On my old phone it can be played smoothly. Good so far.

Love this game the graphics and the game play hope everybody else loves it as well. Awesome thanks . Fakonetta is mother I fear.... Good.

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