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The last decade has seen Hollywood turn towards video games. If before sharks of the movie business were disdainful of digital entertainment, now the news about buying the film rights to a particular game appears one after another. However, not everyone involved in the development consider this a boon.

For example, the former co-leader of the first The Last of Us Bruce Straley used to think that TV adaptations were a kind of recognition of the quality of games, but now he has a different opinion:

A few years ago, we thought that when a game we were working on gets a movie, that means we’ve achieved something. I don’t think so anymore. Our industry has proven its worth and no longer requires additional funds to prove its self-sufficiency. I’m fine with adaptations, but in my opinion, perhaps even in the experience of many people, the execution of adaptations is constantly lame.

Straley suggested that the reason lies in the difference in approaches to writing a script for games and big screens. When creating a story The Last of Us the authors tried to make the gamer experience all the same emotions as Ellie and Joel. To do this, the writers fished out as much plot as possible from the cut-scenes and wove it into interactive moments. According to Straley, in this case, the players get a much more vivid experience than watching movies or TV shows.

Interactivity is the main advantage and the most difficult component of video games, Bruce Straley is sure. He wonders what film adaptations are all about: “I don’t want a less expressive version of the game experience. I want something that will show new fans why the game is so good.”

Interviewed with Sam Winkler, Senior Writer Gearbox Entertainmentwho had a hand in the series Borderlands. He shared that in movies and TV shows, every moment is worth its weight in gold, and if some detail does not work for the narrative, it is simply discarded. He believes that the best adaptations are made when the authors strive to convey the atmosphere of the games and the feeling of playing them, and do not stick as close as possible to the plot of the original source.

Of course, it all depends on how the project got the green light: is it an offer from an enthusiastic author who has played games and wants to bring them to life, or from an executive who remarked that games make more money than movies. It is sad when a project is conceived only for profit. It is easy to understand when the people responsible for the work care about the idea, and when they understand the original source.

TV series by The Last of Us and a movie Borderlands haven’t come out yet. The first project is still at the filming stage, and the second project has already passed this milestone and is preparing for release on large screens in 2022.

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