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The player will be able to find himself in the world of the Middle Ages, when Kings and legendary Lords stood at the top of the government. When you can download Throne: Kingdom at War for Android, gather the heroes together and move as far as possible in the historical company. Equip your heroes with incredibly cool outfits and weapons to take over this massive world. You are waiting for glorious duels against players around the world, and perhaps it will be possible to seize power in this whole wide world. A fierce battle for the Throne of Ancient Kings and unique adventures awaits you. Fight fearless and great kings of the universe and get an advantage over them.

Throne: Kingdom at War
 Codes (2022 December)
All Codes Expiration date
L5JS6YWCK12 December 12, 2022
3VTQ8WE9DG December 5, 2022
6DC3KSM2X November 18, 2022
XDFGWBMH3Q4 November 27, 2022
JA9C8QX2RFKZ November 15, 2022
BW3KV68YETX December 15, 2022
15P4GRXS8KN November 21, 2022
9JM8L4WT07 October 26, 2022
UP0ZA51QB December 14, 2022
4AER8JC1GKW October 27, 2022
H9C8NYJO6Q2X November 8, 2022
6CS42ULRPKI December 5, 2022

When you decide to download Throne: Kingdom at War for Android, you will be able to fully use these unique advantages:

  • A unique game mode through a story company, where you can achieve conquests and battles with the Kings;
  • High-quality graphics and a sound line suitable for the Middle Ages;
  • Multiplayer opportunities, thanks to which it will be possible to create your own alliance and, together with friends, make an alliance and fight against a single enemy;
  • Several categories of classification of warriors of different genres;
  • Large-scale system of uniforms and weapons;
  • Amazing quests and great rewards.

Battle Royale Online Immerse yourself in this realistic atmosphere of the Middle Ages and fight against great kings and heroes. You have to participate in crazy battles and participate in the research of this large-scale world. Gather together heroes, lords, kings and warriors of those times. You can enjoy large-scale wars against the players of the universe for a long time. Use unique armor and upgrade its level, which will help you achieve serious victories over the Kings.

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