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Relax and unwind on this idle fishing journey sport. Sail to new islands and areas with serene visuals, soothing music, and straightforward gameplay. Unlock new boats, collect pets, and hire idle fishing assistants, so you do not miss a chance to earn money on your journey!

Tides A Fishing Game Mod APK 1.3.8

Very enjoyable, I play every day. A new level has appeared called "Deep Sea Treasures" Please help! Where are these treasures? I'm within 100 metres, apparently, but cannot seem to find anything!. Awesome game,save xa notch screen full xa. Its a really good. And super fun But once you get past redrock island it gets boring. shame, the developers should put in more. The game is really beautiful and relaxing. The soundtrack is amazing. But after a while it becomes difficult to make any progress in this game. You have to watch too many adds and you still don't have enough money to unlock new areas. I also enjoyed reading the information about fishes. And building a sanctuary for pets. The game has a really tranquil atmosphere and made me nostalgic about my childhood. But it becomes boring when you can't catch new fishes.. Kinda fun but pretty boring after a while. Great fun:) Calming yet also exciting.

Super relaxing game. Ads are only during transitions or to open treasure chests or something, they don't interfere with the actual game play.. So fun and all the fishing is amazing. very calm. no need for lots of tapping. cute graphics. really enjoying so far!. Beautiful, open world design, many varieties of fish, a welcoming community, and developers who actually listen! I wasn't so sure about this game when I downloaded it, but I am 100% addicted!. New player and so far very relaxing. Graphics and animation are good. Game play is simple and straight forward. Would like the ability to turn off vibrations and background music. Maybe there is but haven't figured it out yet..

Can't connect to game services?! On an OFFLINE GAME?!. Idle games that put a tiny limit on the time afk profits gather end up being neither idle nor games. this game is super cute. I love it.. I love it. I do wish for a purchase option to eliminate adds. One of few games i enjoy.

wow I love the quality of the game. it kind of gives of my little planet vibes where u have to farm to buy new parts of the island and also animal crossing vibes. overall it's a really cute game and this is a review after playing maybe 5 minutes. Love this game!!! However, when you get all the levels open, you don't earn coins fast enough to upgrade your fishing assistants, and the game flattens out.. Hard to navigate the compass and cords seem backwards. Otherwise it's fun. You should add jet packs. It's a decent game could use improvements like increase in quality and loading but it's really decent and easy keep up the good work. Very good for you guys and miss you too baby good for the day and miss talat and then we can talk more about the same as the day goes good.

Lovely little game, really helps me relax. Just wish I could interact with more (build houses, eat food etc) but overall, perfection!. What the dude why dis game not offline. Great, chill game. Initially, the ads didn't load at all for me. However, I got quick, excellent service by the dev team and everything is working perfectly now. Optional starter pack is worth the money spent.. Well made and optimized. This is relaxing and makes us feel good. A must play game.Thanks for the developers for creating an art.. I've enjoyed this game. It's what it claims to be, simple & relaxing with enough goals & tasks to hold my attention. As with most games of this sort it is ad based unless u want to spend money. I choose to use ads which takes some patience. Would like to be able to wear more than one "hat" (accessory) at a time..

I am very impressed with this game. It's simple and relaxing. This game isn't "pay to win" like so many mobile games (but does have in-app purchases) and is one of the main reasons it's my top game. The animations are adorable and the voyages are super exciting. It's a single player game, however, once you unlock the "voyages"- a super map that resets everyday, Shallot Games has a discord sever you can join to share the chests you find. It brings a community element to it and I love that.. A good game . I love this game but ads are very irritating .. Great game but I'm unable to activate totems during voyages so it's frustrating. So far this game is adorable! I would love an optional mini game for the fishing mechanism but it's pretty much perfect!. Graphics were great the only thing that let's the whole thing down and I hope you fix it it's not an idle game coz the player has to do most of the work as where an idle game the game does most of the work.

Yeah, so far it's fun tryin to find out what it's all about. Haven't gotten that far into it so later this might change but so far it's fun and adventurous.. I couldn't even play it kept cutting off at the beginning. Keep making games like this, i like it.. Finally a game that's not just another copy of something else. It's similar to animal crossing. Worth giving a try.. Not bad, nice and relaxing sound.

It is a very nice game . Fun gameplay, but the ads are very loud (because the in-game music is so low), often with no mute option. And $7 just to remove them is a bit absurd for a game like this. The game also heats up my battery to a dangerous degree. Edit: After about 20 minutes of playing last night, a message popped up saying my phone was overheating and that the game would automatically be shut down. I don't plan to deal with that again! Uninstalled.. nice simple casual game great graphics simple control with detailed gameplay nice job developers. Pretty cool little title. A simple game really but still a bit of fun. Fishing at its most basic. I like it.. Soothing. That's how this game feels..

Pretty relaxing & fun game. Easy to pick up and play & not too extensive. No unwanted ads. Soothing fun gameplay perfect to decompress at the end of the day. Nice one too but I have to hack. Fantastic game ....soothing music and sound...I really enjoy. Its really good and love playing it, but it gets to the point where I am just always waiting to have enough gold to do anything. I paid to remove adds because I enjoyed it but I have caught all the fish in each area I am up to and completed the voyager quests multiple times, now just fishing alone only gives me small amount of gold compared to how much I need to upgrade to a new island or just 1 level of my companion fisher which doesn't do much. Its just waiting which is dull..

Unusual ads that cant be skip. Wish this was offline. Too much ads, before returning home a pop-up ad will appear. The game has potential but the ads is destroying it. I'll uninstall for now and maybe I'll return after my concern if fix.. Beautiful but not scientifically accurate. The ads are broken where they will open Google Play automatically, and each time you go back to the game, it will try to reopen GP. No challenge. The boat upgrades are pay-to-win. You have no free chest option. I'm out I've played better similar games.. Love the open play world, voyages and challenges!. After update game reset and I lost months of progress and purchases. I guess I'm done playing..

Very soothing and fun! Clear goals while also feeling very open world!. Relaxing and kind of addicting. Very nice simple game. I'm 49 and female.. Just started and loving it aleady.. Best relaxing game nice music and good graphics. This game is so nice and relaxing I love it!.

It is a really fun game I like how it is offline so I can play it whenever I want. Also there is a lot of fun thing to do in the game. Also the main reason I got the game is because I like fishing this game is also unique from other games. I haven't played this game yet . It's a really fun game I love this game for its relaxing and peaceful game.. Beautiful, sweet experience. Can't wait to get further. I'm utterly sick of the forced ads strategy. Uninstalling because of it..

I highly enjoy and recommend this game. Being a game developer myself, this game is on the lines of what I would have wanted to work on. :D. I Love This Game Alot!! Very easy to play! Best fishing game ever! Great for ALL ages!! (To the game developers) 1. Needs more relaxing music tracks. 2. Needs more clothing options, and more hair options. 3. Have the ability to change the colors of the boats. 4. Have the pets be stationary on the boats as you travel. 5. Be able to interact with the pets. Like grooming, pet them, and the ability to have the pets level up/mature as you feed them treats.. It's fine but there are some glitches in this game and I am not happy about it but it's fine I think this is just for kids. This game relaxes me completely on a daily basis! Thank you Devs!. very cute 🙂 i like it and its calm vibes.

One of the best games I have played in the recent times. But it gets boring after a while as you can guess what you need to it. Good for casual playing.. Really relaxing and a good time killer while your waiting.. Ive played for a while and i find it pretty fun and relaxing. In my opinion the game is so good to relax. If you like expresive games it isn't for you. Why isn't the game available offline? So stupid uninstalled instantly.

Very chilled, no stress game, perfect to unwind. Very fun and relaxing. There are very little ads.. Hi, Brad! I am enjoying Tides and would consider making gameplay videos later on. I like the voyages and tournament. I would having the ability receive more rewards. Like Pearls for taking the time to write this review, or for liking of facebook. Been playing a little bit now, so far it hasn't forced adds on me and it's a cute little adventure.. I love this game for lots of reasons. The graphic, the relaxing, the prizes... It's all so good and also funny There are difficulties but it's not impossible like other games. The only bad part are the lots of ads.

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