Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK (Last Update) 6.10.4

Updated on June 12, 2024

Name Tiles Hop: EDM Rush
Category Game New
Version 6.10.4
Price FREE
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush APK
Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! is a great music game in which you have to go through exciting and very beautiful levels accompanied by fiery dance tracks. Move the ball from tile to tile in time with the rhythm, collect various bonuses, and set new records, ahead of your friends.

Unique Balls and Bonus Crystals

In this game, you can unlock several unique balls by collecting enough bonus crystals. These unique balls add a fun and personalized touch to your gameplay experience. Collecting crystals adds an extra layer of challenge and rewards to the game, motivating players to aim for higher achievements.

Downloading Compositions and Progress Sync

The application supports downloading your compositions, allowing you to play with your favorite songs and create custom levels that match your musical tastes. Moreover, the progress synchronization feature enables you to switch between different devices seamlessly without losing any of your achievements or unlocked items.

Simple Swipe Controls

One of the advantages of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! is its very simple control scheme, which relies on intuitive swipes. By swiping on the screen, you can precisely move the ball to hit the tiles in sync with the rhythm of the music. This user-friendly control system enhances the overall gaming experience and makes it enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

Immersive Levels and Dance Tracks

The game offers a variety of immersive levels that are not only visually stunning but also complemented by energetic and catchy dance tracks. The combination of captivating visuals and pulsating music creates an engaging atmosphere that draws players into the game world. Each level presents a new challenge and an opportunity to showcase your skills in timing and precision.

Setting New Records and Competing with Friends

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! encourages players to set new records and challenge their friends to beat their scores. By mastering the rhythmic mechanics of the game and collecting bonuses along the way, you can climb the leaderboard and establish yourself as a top player. The competitive aspect adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay and motivates players to improve their skills continuously.

Enhanced Social Features

The social aspect of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! allows you to connect with friends, share your progress, and compete in friendly challenges. By engaging with the community and participating in events or contests, you can earn rewards and recognition for your achievements. The social features foster a sense of camaraderie among players and enhance the overall gaming experience.


In conclusion, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! offers an exhilarating music gaming experience with its dynamic gameplay, unique customization options, and social features. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a casual gamer, this game provides entertainment, challenge, and creative expression through its rhythmic gameplay and vibrant visuals. Embark on a musical journey, hop through exciting levels, and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

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