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The story of Tiny Animal War revolves around forces confronting each other to compete for rank. Under the command of skilled lords, receive fearsome punishments here. A thousand military disputes broke out in succession The constant bombardment had created tension within the appropriate setting right here. A lot of heroes and armies want to fall. You are the one given the mission.

Tiny Animal War Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.5

Mainly the remaining warriors fought against the attacking wave. Use the administrative experience of a young lord. Make enemies everywhere tremble at your power. Turn into the head of the navy with your will. Meanwhile, the warriors’ lives are in the hands of the participants.

Tiny Animal War


Tiny Animal War has the power to be an undefeated participant in an approachable fashion. The first thing each individual should do is look up the system’s recommendations. From there, important steps in the plan can be formed. A meticulous plan and long-term funding. It will bring tangible results when using military energy. Or own a large and abundant source of goods.

Heroes and the Army

These are two traces of warriors that the system creates for players to recruit. Armies of participants in all capacities will be made up of the first foundations. That is to unlock the characters on this property. To have the power to equip the place inside the starting lineup. Troops and heroes can have completely different advantages and unlocking methods. Possessing elite warriors is a blessing.

The battle will get a trophy

Benefit from real-time automated battles. Tiny Animal War players won’t have to throttle their palms too much to cause discomfort. It’s your job to take advantage of the team’s self-deployment approach. Each match that a participant achieves will carry a positive trophy number. The larger the number of gold cups, the more effective you can achieve.

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