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Tiny Survivor is an incredibly addictive arcade game with simple pixel graphics in which you have to survive in an open field one on one with wolves.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
267AFTUEBLP September 7, 2022
0IUGAT1LQM August 23, 2022
A8C7G5UQN September 8, 2022
V6BLYON0TK7 August 16, 2022
CZRKM3VNJ61A July 17, 2022
910ROH5KP37 August 1, 2022

How bad your business is will become clear even from the introductory video. The game itself begins with a message that you are almost dead, but you can try to hold out for a few more minutes. And in fact, there is little good: night, forest-steppe, a single fire, and in your hands you only have a stick. And hungry wolves, yes. Who will end up having dinner with whom is up to you.

You can harvest wood and mine stone to create weapons against predators, set traps for them and put up protective walls. Yes, watch the fire, because only near it you can restore strength and heal wounds.

And don’t forget the meat, of course. Not only wolves want to eat.

The game is completely free, easy to control and keeps statistics of your progress. See how long you can survive in these conditions!

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