Codes - Updated on August 2, 2022

Tiny Troopers Alliance is a real-time strategy game that takes us into a world where there are constant wars and shootouts, one-on-one skirmishes and huge alliances clashing.

List of Discount CodesExpiration date
MH89B3Z0IT6August 13, 2022
GX07QYOEHWSeptember 14, 2022
62SGVZRUCAugust 7, 2022
Y3JHEP8SBZ1August 19, 2022
GAXUFR1JWBMNAugust 7, 2022
94NQFIVEBMSSeptember 4, 2022

Build your base, get resources as fast as you can, because in the near future you will have to spend a lot of money in order to become one of the most powerful and high-quality fighters.

Until they pay attention to you – get resources and strengthen the defense, you should not be distracted by anything else, because when you become noticeable – you will very often be attacked by other players. Pay special attention to the construction of the base, because only the right location and device can protect you and your resources from destruction.

As soon as you gain enough combat and defensive power, then join other players by joining an alliance, or creating your own and gathering only the best and highest quality players in it. Become a real commander and commander, or join the already established ranks, and under the skillful leadership of the commander – conquer these lands and expel rivals once and for all.

The game has a good graphic design, and in general a well-designed structure, both in battles and in building a base, so it can be considered a worthy representative of its genre.

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