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Characters of folk and not very fairy tales often become heroes of video games, where, as a rule, they are bullied in every possible way and forced to do completely unusual things. Think American McGee’s Grimm, The Wolf Among Us, or Geralt’s recent hilarious journey into the land of fairy tales in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine. The authors of Torn Tales, who released Warhammer Quest before, also tell a not quite, to put it mildly, familiar story with well-known heroes, combining Snow White, Robin Hood and Dr. Jekyll with Mr. Hyde in addition in one squad …

You can only save at control points, and comrades who fell in battle come to life there.

Visiting a fairy tale

It just so happened that only these three can resist the evil Storyteller, who set out to invent a new, and, moreover, very unkind, fairy tale, mixing different characters in it. He rewrites old stories, tears the pages of his favorite books, and wreaks havoc on fantasy worlds.

That is why Snow White, Robin Hood and Dr. Jekyll ended up together. The surrounding chaos also affected them – Robin Hood here kills the Sheriff of Nottingham with particular cruelty, and Dr. Jekyll, turning into Mr. Hyde, angrily makes fun of both him and Snow White, offering her a poisoned apple.

Nevertheless, now they are on the same side of the barricades and must fight shoulder to shoulder with numerous enemies – monsters, undead, some kind of frogs, spiders, as well as with the Big Gray Wolf and other “bosses” that the evil Storyteller unleashes on them.

My light, mirror, tell me and cut down the enemies!

Battles take place in real time and, as you might guess, rely on the use of unique skills and fighting styles inherent in each of this company. Robin Hood, of course, accurately and quickly shoots from a bow, Dr. Jekyll plays the role of a “tank” in close combat, and Snow White heals allies and attacks opponents with magic.

As in Diablo III, each of the heroes has a unique energy. Everything is clear with Snow White – she saves mana and uses it for spells. But the rest are more interesting. Robin Hood generates a special energy, Flow, when moving and running – the larger its reserves, the higher the chance to deal critical damage. And Dr. Jekyll poisons his blood (Blood Toxicity), in order to eventually transform into a stronger Mr. Hyde.

As they gain experience and levels, the heroes become stronger and get points for learning new or “pumping” existing skills – these are all kinds of circular strikes, aimed shots, jumping into the thick of battle with a sword at the ready, magic storms and so on. Snow White was especially lucky – she knows how to throw a poisoned apple at enemies, summon a magic mirror on the battlefield that reflects damage, and even a horde of seven ethereal gnomes that demolish everything in their path.

The game has an arena mode where you hold back waves of enemies and compete with other users in the global ranking.

Ability to use skills

Each hero in battle can use three normal abilities and one superpower. There are more options available, so you have to choose what, where, when to activate and what to “pump”. Fortunately, each skill is allowed to develop especially carefully and add randomly selected passive bonuses to it.

In addition, in chests well hidden or left on the ground after killing strong enemies and “bosses”, we find magical amulets and rings. The former can be used directly in combat, for example, to instantly heal or summon a pack of wolves. The latter not only improve performance, but also generate some useful auras that restore health or, conversely, injure and slow down enemies.

At first, however, it all seems superfluous. The game plays well on its own, and fairy-tale heroes famously crack down on enemies and use their talents themselves with little or no participation from us. But the farther into Sherwood Forest, the more dangerous and higher level the enemies come across, the more insidious “bosses” the evil Storyteller throws up. Therefore, you have to actively switch between wards, personally juggle their abilities, change AI behavior modes (aggressive, defensive or evasion) and even replay missions or perform side tasks to “pump up”.

Very simple story

The only pity is that apart from the battles there is practically nothing here. Torn Tales is a straightforward Diablo-style action/RPG. The passage is divided into chapters and missions, each of which is a run from point A to point B with the total destruction of everything that gets in the way. You can get distracted and turn off, but only in order to look for some kind of treasure chest.

An opportunity to meet an unusual character, talk or participate in an interesting quest? Forget – at most something interesting happens in the text descriptions between missions. Even the side quests (as many as two in each chapter!) here are still the same race through gut-like levels in order to search again for chests and rare items.

As a result, after some time, there are so many of these treasures, amulets and magic rings in the inventory that you have to constantly throw something out of it – often things of the same characteristics come across, and for some reason merchants were not brought to Torn Tales. As well as blacksmiths and jewelers – that is, there is neither “crafting” nor a system for enchanting / improving items. And why, if no interchangeable equipment, except for amulets and rings, can be found?

Especially strong skills are opened only at high levels of character development.


From Torn Tales something in the spirit of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing could have turned out – a dark fantasy with black humor and irony. There are also very colorful heroes here, including Snow White, who summons seven dwarfs to the battlefield. However, the developers from Twistplay took the path of least resistance and made a simple, ugly action / RPG about managing a squad of fairy-tale characters. Of course, fans of hack and slash Torn Tales can captivate for some time with its ever-growing complexity and difficult battles with “bosses”, but this game had much more potential.

Pros: colorful fairy tale characters; an abundance of interesting skills and abilities; well-implemented combat and role-playing systems.
Cons: lack of interesting tasks and dialogues; primitive design of locations; outdated graphics.

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