News - Updated on April 30, 2022

Creative Assembly shared plans for further development Total War: Warhammer III. The roadmap covers the rest of 2022, during which the game will release several major patches and a lot of content.

The plan is divided into quarters:

Second quarter (April to June)

Update 1.2 will be released – in it, developers will focus on fixing bugs reported by users and polishing some elements of the game. Minor patches to fix bugs will also continue to be released. Key issues that will be addressed in the update:

  • AI rebuilds towers at an accelerated pace, which allows it to defend itself too well against the gamer’s army.

  • Sometimes flying units get stuck when attacking ground targets and do not respond to commands until the end of the battle.

  • There is a diplomatic imbalance as the demonic factions automatically declare war on the vassals of Slaanesh.

  • The AI ​​is especially hostile to the player’s behavior, despite the more dangerous opponents on the map.

  • The snow shines too brightly in the sun.

Gameplay changes include:

  • Improved response of units.

  • Improved the behavior of large single units in battles against the same units.

  • Processing of the technology tree.

  • Reset leaderboard data.

  • Free set of units in DLC Regiments of Renown. These are elite mercenary warriors with improved characteristics and special skills for each of the main races.

Third quarter (July to September)

In this interval Creative Assembly plans to release a couple of major updates and the Total War Assembly Kit, a toolkit for modding the third part Warhammer.

  • For patch 1.3, work is already underway on the offensive formation of the Great Cathay, reworking the skill tree, increasing the frequency of field battles, and more.

  • Update 2.0 will bring the Immortal Empires (beta) mode to the game, which will combine maps and factions from all three Warhammer (in the presence of). The regime is planned to be finalized over several years.

Several additives and initiatives are being prepared, including:

  • Second set of units Regiments of Renown.

  • Update “Old World” Warriors of Chaos – combing the remaining races from the first and second Warhammer and adapting their mechanics in accordance with the foundations of the third part. New systems, units and balance changes may appear.

  • Blood Pack III – visual improvements and effects.

  • Lord Pack I – new legendary and simple lords, heroes and ordinary units.

Fourth quarter (October to December)

Update 2.1 along with the third set Regiments of Renown will be released towards the end of the year. Perhaps a major patch 3.0 will join them, or a not so ambitious update 2.2 – the team is still thinking. One way or another, the focus will be on improving the Immortal Empires mode. They promise a lot of interesting things for him at the end of the year.

The developers immediately warn that the agreed deadlines may be shifted, but what will definitely not go anywhere is status reports. Total War: Warhammer III at least once a quarter. In these messages, fans will find out what the team is currently working on, what to expect in the future, and whether there will be changes to the release schedule.

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