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The main character goes to a crazy world where he will become a professional military strategist. As fighters, the player will have blue or red units, as well as dozens of different types of equipment, vehicles, and even fighting animals. Battles will unfold within the framework of various game maps, the features of which seriously affect the course of the battle. All available opportunities must be skillfully used in order to win a decisive victory over the enemy.

Gameplay overview

The gameplay of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is in many ways similar to classic battles: the player collects an army from various units and sends them to the battlefield. However, the gameplay of this strategy is significantly different, because. the laws of physics are greatly exaggerated here – upon impact, soldiers fly up to several meters, and their bodies and limbs dangle in different directions. The familiar combat system, combined with absurd movement mechanics, gives the player an unforgettable experience of combat.

Game Modes

The gameplay of the strategy unfolds within two main game modes: sandbox and campaign. When choosing the sandbox mode, the hero gets access to an unlimited number of resources: they can be spent on buying units and equipment, reconstructing any battles. In turn, the campaign mode offers the user to test their strength in battles of various complexity, where the player exposes his troops against well-trained opponents.

A distinctive feature of the campaign mode in TABS is also the predetermined behavior of soldiers. Each of the units can move around the map and attack the enemy in only one specific way; this must be taken into account when developing battle tactics. To defeat enemy troops, the player must not only recruit the required number of mercenaries, but also correctly place them on the map, thereby giving the soldiers the opportunity to maximize their combat skills.

The strategy allows the player to take part in the battle both alone and together with friends. At the same time, the connection can be made both over the Internet and over the local network. It is worth noting that the multiplayer mode has its own specifics: for example, it has a limit on the budget and units. At the same time, the team gets more opportunities for development and increased access to interaction.

Analogues for Android

Currently, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator cannot be downloaded to the phone. As a replacement, users can install a similar application: Epic Battle Simulator 2.

Epic Battle Simulator 2

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