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Opening up new plots of land, plant crops, assembling all types of farming providers, and embellishing your cabin is merely one of the simplest ways you want! Catch fish straight from the ocean or go snorkeling to catch sea creatures. Assemble a hostel to attract company and make fascinating new animal buddies! You may even soar in a minecart and uncover the depths of the mines in search of priceless treasures!

– An immersive and delightful tropical paradise in full 3D with its distinctive mannequin. Unlock over 30 types of crops and livestock, an entire bunch of island decorations and furnishings, and plenty of outfits and pets. Farm crops, improve livestock, make meals, go fishing, try snorkeling, give presents to your new animal buddies, catch bugs, uncover the mines, or run your hostel; the possibilities are limitless! Go to different avid gamers’ islands and commerce devices inside the open market, and board the airship to make new buddies!

Tour of Neverland Mod APK 1.0.74 (Unlimited Pearls)

I downloaded. But this app wanted permission to make phone calls. Yeah no thank you.. Thank god the team made a way for new SEA players to move from NA to SEA. However, I feel like there's a bug in world chat right now in SEA. Hopefully all problems will be fixed soon so all players can enjoy the game without getting annoyed every time.. It's really fun at the start but it's get boring if you play it to much. I always love this game but it,s hard to level up. It's nice I love the veiw at the sea!. This has amazing potential I adore it so far!.

i give a 1 star trying to add friends is just inpossible trid to bind my account dont work doing the code scan is just fake it dont work deleting the game now. One of the best farming games. Fans of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing should def give it a go.. Absolutele horrible it keeps saving to clipboard wasting my time and it annoying every action saved to clipboard. Dude what's wrong? The game's been under maintenance for 2 days now since I donwloaded it. How long should I wait?. This is very bad game that is not open the server issues . i dont like this game .very very very worst game very bad . .

A very good game but the problem is I have to delete the sims mobile wait that's not the prb the prb is When it come to 100%after 30 mins it doesn't install pls fix this. I Can't create account because of NA server. everytime i open the game, it says it still maintenance, in north america server. but i cant change it. how can i play the game like i was? i played this game before, and want to play again. pls guide me to fix this. thank you. I give 1 because they asking call log permission with out permission can't enter game so no need game. I can't enter the game, i can't change the region server...

i need a cute face and cat ears on the hair i need update PLS GIVE UPDATE 78.97 JUST PLS IM WISHING FOR IT I DONT LIKE THIS GAME SO SORRY. Fun game but keep crashing, lagging, the screen keep freezing too.. After yesterday's update 2023/07/01 suddenly my account disappeared, I have tried deleting data and also reinstalling it still can't enter the game. So fun but can u reduce paying for objects that are too expensive if you don't just use pearls to pay. So cool and cute this game.

Almost perfect, please pay attention to fix the bug because too much relog needed in a day especially when we need to plant trees and bushes or move things. Thankyou!. I can't open the game after the update.. Nice I veary so Happy bro. I gave you 3 star because of when my friends join to play with me but they cannot play on my island. There is literally so much bugs in this game, especially in the building option. Please fix the bugs and I will raise the rating..

Best game ever .....everything was awesome I loved it. I updated TON this morning,,but since it, I cannot event see login page..only blank black page when I open TON on my phone... Very very nice game Satisfying and relaxing game. Hey, I really like this game. I deleted it because i don't have enough storage. But when i finally got my new device, it won't let me in my previous account. Pls fix this, and I'll consider rating this game higher if it's fixed.. Starts out really good, seems like energy is endless and you can play as long as you like! Until you hit a certain point and tasks take forever, harvesting materials takes forever, buying materials is expensive and the overall game play becomes boring and repetitive...all just a big grind very similar to farm ville. I used to be able to play this game for a hr or 2 happily at a time now it's about 20 mins. Will probably end up uninstalling..

This game was a great game. I love this game cause it's better then tour to play you should keep this game name the special game to play . Very fun and characters Are cute. Also for provide more emotes to show feeling to each player. I'm so glad that i tried this game! It's super fun and i love the graphics and the style. However, i do have one problem, everytime i go into build mode and try to build something it says "Building Error Please Relaunch The Game." And then i restart the game and then it finally works. I hope you can fix this because i really love the game!. I finally found this game, I've been playing this for such a long time!.

I can't even enter.... it looks good but I can't try cause it crashes every time I try to enter. Love this game but for some reason I keep on suffering from really high ping (in the thousands) only while playing this. Doesn't help that I keep on getting bugs as of late as well (buildind error).. Absolutely Incredible, I love the game so much!! It's so relaxing and the story is just so wholesome<33 keep up the good work!. Always turn to black screen..poor apps ever. I played this game for 6 days, and I can't play it again. It's always on black screen..

I played this game last yr and I uninstalled it and I downloaded it again and I'm so disappointed right now cause there's nothing new. The graphics is good but it's boring. The lobby is so silent. There's no people in lobby not like before.. Bro my fav youtuber this game play it I'm Play is jinesh gaming. I open this game and cant login just see blackscreen, i have play before and it run perfectly but idk what happend rn and it just blackscreen, i reinstalled it 3 times and it works now! :v. why are the games blank after I finish updating? Please fix this games. Where is the chat moderator? Global chat is swarming of players who talks explicit and sexual stuff which minor players can easily read. Please do something about it. It's unsettling!.

Maganda kasi walang toxic, tapos relaxing lang, tapos maganda ang graphics higit salahat may nakukuhang free pearls. Just registered today... Seems fun to play . Wow graphic is amazing and the gameplay is easy to play too..and how it guides you to finish the mission realy help us as player.. This is the perfect farming and life simulation game with a peaceful vibes and music. U can play with ur friends in a real time life!, can upgrade many things, and the rare things is we can also swim at the sea! This is the game i looking for. Thankyouuu. Your video game for kids and good game.

Fun Game, It is very addictive.. The game is good i rate 3 star because lack of exp. Everytime plant veggies exp is always 4xp leveling is charac. Is too slow.... This game is adorable and fun to Play!. Best game bro i played it in 23/11/2021 im not going to download now.. it's a very fun game i love it , please upgrade it more !! i love it so much .

Thanks for gaving me a good game.. nice game killing the time and stress relief. I LOVE THIS GAME SOOO MUCH. unenjoyable and not my cup of tea never playing again. the game is cool but the character a little bit fat..

Can't play this game. It's always closed.. Dari segi grafik ok banget, dari segi cerita gak ada sama sekali. Nfc cuma itu2 aja mana alur cerita yg menceritakan isi game nya? Ketemu nfc lawan jenis buat menikah kagak ada, nyangkul, mancing, nambang perlu energi. Energi lama banget mau cepet ya gesek...eleh eleh game gesek pay pay for fun. I downloaded it because I want to play with my friend not I want to play real. I love this game, so cute.... but i wish they have many place more. good graphics, easy control. my only problem is that it gets boring once you get into a routine. i hope future updates will have new lands to explore and maybe even have combat in it just to spice things up idk..

I like the game for now, I'll see in the future if it's still going to entertain me. Boring an old game, don't play for a new players cause it's so old game. The most worst game doesn't even download. This game is fun I would recommend it :). I'd love to play it...but it always says connection failed.... But I have wifi obviously....

I really love this game. Everything about it is perfect. Remind me of harvest moon. Good job dev !. The game is really fun but I hope you can add weather effects like rain,storm, day and night.. So far so good but maybe you could add some hints or help or additional info for some or for things that aren't easy to guess by newbie. Or as simple as, maybe path to shore for those who lost while swimming, not just a jumping button to land. Thanks! Great game!. Can you please add more zoom out thank you. Dear Developer, We really like this game so much. but we hope developer has future plan for this game. If developer dont want lose players because boring just do task everyday. Please add more biggest event, more features, and ads about this game 1. Add own Picture 2. Add Group/Clan 3. Add party more than 4 (only for visiting town) 4. Add more island or something like that 5. Make Lobby is crowdied people (right now so silent) 6. etc (I will send in email, if u reply) My nickname : THXZ Thanks.

It takes forever and I keep downloading it again my WiFi is fine but this game is not I hate it in my opinion I just hate it. I don't know what to say but this game just so cool n cute indeed! Most of the player are very kind, you don't need to pay irl money to playing this. I especially love the party system it's very wholesome. Also if u guys r worried about the energy system then forget about it! Cuz you can gain ur energy easily, developer will give you deluxe food for every 4 time each day including breakfast, luch, dinner, and also midnight, the food will expired after 12 hour(?) I guess? Just download this game!. my niece is addicted of this game so ill try it seems good. The only thing annoying is the constant "reload the game" every time I build.. This is so fun i like it very much since i download it sometimes its boring but i still playing this cuz i find a truly friend!!! i rate it 4star.

Feels like I'm playing harvest moon. Supar game Par esko download karne khelea bohot net Kharch hota ha. freeplayer will cry played game like this. no money you can play but don't expect to play all game feature since more and more items sell with real money, not in game currency. It is a nice game so i give it 5 stars. I love the game but they need to put more things to do..

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