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Enterprise into Tower Conquest: Metaverse (TC: ME), a legendary world rich in valuable sources and MANA sought by all people inside. TC:  I await anyone capable of recruiting armies, devising strategies for PvP games, and primary quite a few on the conquest to victory. Eternal glory and riches await in this realm for anyone with true grit.

Tower Conquest Metaverse Mod APK 2.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

I loved this game idk why. this game is beta stage it has mamy bugs . I have no idea on how do i even unlock the Barracks. Maybe ya'll could mention it, as i wanna play PvP Tournament. I m trying to sign up but its telling password cannot be submitted. this game is TRASH you can't even log in the most trashiest game ever made developer's make this game work then I will give it a better rating. This application from PIF and this game really doesn't make me make money at all, the purpose of both is just Pay To Win ( P2W ) not Play To Earn ( P2E ).

Its always saying invalid credentials but the information that i give is correct please fix it. I can't play my gmail is correct and password but why still saying invalid credentials?. LP essence swap doesnt work completely useless. I love tower conquest, I've been playing it for years... But metaverse sucks! Half the links in the game don't work, the attacks in the battle are nowhere close to as smooth as the old game... You should have just upgraded the old game.. Seems broken/completely unfinished. Store is empty. Profile just has a link to a 'tutorial' with 4 youtube videos totalling 7 minutes. You start with 80 cards and apparantly don't regenerate for pvp (its been a few days and mine are still gone). There are buildings and heroes that I cant find how to get/use. And youre stuck with 8 minion units compared to the old TC that had close to 100. Like.. in what world is this an improvement over the old game?. I have no idea what the Metaverse is or why I would want to play Tower Conquest in it. The original Tower Conquest is an excellent game played in the Android app. This just seems like the same thing with something additional money making thrown in.

When i want to start the app " connect to a wallet" appears, i do steps but it never connect!. If you used Facebook to create your account you can't bring your account across. Nice game They should give cards to play PvP. Good concept, great potential. I hope the developers listen to the feedback given by the community and implement it.. The game, the original game is very good and I think that this game would be good too, but I can't sign in..

I've been playing Tower Conquest well before the new Metaverse edition. I was hooked to the original TC for close to a year! TCME is very much the addictive and challenging game with a lot more strategic think required because of a redesigned economy. You know a game is good when you keep coming back to it on every 10 minute break.. the email and password for signing up dont seems to work at all .. Why I don't have to go for the game?. Unique experience, started playing the game and must say it's addictive. Yet to experience the web3 side of it but it's a mighty good start. And the game looks gorgeous too!. The only metaverse game that is genuinely fun to play ..

Can't sing up: I've input password like Safghj78%. and get error Minimum 8 characters, at least 1 special characters and 1 number. Screen won't load so I can't play it I played the first one for years. kinda sad I can't play the new one. It this game broken?? Nothing I can do only fitting at lv 1 don't win card you can't lvl them up. if i click Sign Up nothings happen can't sign up can't play. I lost all of my progress. Horrible!.

Awesome app the graphics is so good. This game has some bugs that need to be fixed but overall this game is pretty good! But when i first started the game wouldnt open so i ended up having to go back and uninstalling and reinstalling. Hope this gets fixed, great job on this game!. Very bad app. If you try to sign up after giving all the details it shows sign up unsuccessful. You can do nothing by not signing up. So don't download this app. Can't sign in What is the referal code ?. This game won't login at all.. Even if you try sign up it says sign up unsuccessful.. Without login you can't enter...

Nice Work My Dear friend Varun and His Team 😀 Really Enjoying this Game <3. So... I just started this game and Im not positive, When you start the game you get a limited amout of characters to use, I havent got any new characters yet and I guess the way to get them is from the campaign? The campaign is REALLY long like 140 levels and every single day you get 10 plays, For some reason the store doesnt load and it feels like a buggier version of the first game, And what even are buildings? I need these buildings to play arena and how do I even get them? Goodluck devs!. This is literally the best game ever. Like EVER. idk what to tell you guys but THIS IS LIKE THE BEST GAME EVER. I think I missed something yeah it's the fact that it's literally the best damn game EVAAAAAR.

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