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Tower defense: Thing TD game is a tower defense game that has moved from web browsers to mobile platforms very quickly. Now he will have to prove his own popularity on these devices.

Tower defense: Thing TD game
 Gift Codes (2023 January) 1.0.54
All Codes Expiration date
PA3GRS67MNH January 27, 2023
9GZ0DQEFWI February 11, 2023
2UXYFTJ6N February 3, 2023
MXUP1C9JDRF January 17, 2023
T1LQNEM9ZOBA February 3, 2023
KPO09VCTM6Q January 28, 2023
6O4L8EDKR7J January 3, 2023
H3VEQ5LMW4 February 14, 2023
HQBLAPGYM January 28, 2023
7I9240DOBVR January 30, 2023
0UBOJK6R7D3L December 26, 2022
VCINRSTLWFK January 7, 2023

Tagr the Wrathbringer and Kel the Hawk are ready to go through very long adventures with you, during which it is necessary to protect the vast world of Danalor from the onslaught of terrible creatures. Every day, players from Tower defense: Thing TD game will have to collect as many terrible monsters, zombies and powerful demons as possible in their mighty army. Be prepared for the fact that huge armies will come to you every day, and in order to fight them off you need to make every effort. Constantly explore the vast fantasy world and find runes in it that will help increase the power of your defensive army. Pump and improve the level of your own heroes every day, and then achieve success. Together with Tower defense: Thing TD game you can even fight epic Bosses and defeat them in wars. There are a lot of game modes and features in this amazing battle. Play in any of the available modes and make your way to the leadership there. Tower defense against monsters in Tower defense: Thing TD game Play in survival mode, where you are waiting for battles with terrible monsters. At each level, the player will have only ten lives and you need to try not to waste them. Constantly fight off huge hordes of monsters and try to survive even the last levels. All players participating in Tower defense: Thing TD game will participate in the global rating table. At the moment, there are more than five dozen different monsters in the game, and each has its own set of abilities and powers. Collect rewards and advance through dozens of levels until you can become the leader of the table. Not everyone gets a chance to become a tower defense legend.

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