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Tower of Fantasy is a vibrant fantasy anime-style adventure that takes players into an unforgettable open world of the distant future. You will find yourself in an unusual alien world – on the planet Hades, where humanity was forced to go from its native Earth due to the depletion of its resources. Here you will plunge into epic battles with a variety of opponents, appreciate the unique alien architecture, meet many interesting characters and uncover a lot of secrets of this amazing world. All connoisseurs of science fiction will be delighted with this project.

tower of fantasy
 Redeem Codes (2022 December) 2.0.0
All Codes Expiration date
GPA9HK3WBFD December 4, 2022
7QUSO5JYPM December 8, 2022
G4QU7LNED December 22, 2022
HDRJXKIENT9 January 2, 2023
MANGK8EXBVW5 December 14, 2022
V9CSXBPW3O1 December 15, 2022
NRX4HZU83V7 December 17, 2022
5KLBRAUS91 December 30, 2022
YHO5B6GZE January 5, 2023
COQ82PDWVI7 November 21, 2022
3S9HWZ4N8FME November 28, 2022
ZIPL9GJ4F0S January 8, 2023

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