Tower Power 1.0.36

Updated on June 25, 2024

Name Tower Power
Publisher Renxo Europe Limited
Category Game New
Version 1.0.36
Price FREE
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Tower Power – Flick ‘Em Up Tower-Building Shooter is a fun and addictive action game, made in magnificent 3D graphics and crazy enemies, of which there are quite a lot.

As soon as you get into this world, immediately learn about its history, according to which all your friends fell into the clutches of evil and terrible birds. They captured them and dragged them to their tower, from where the player now has to save them, but to do this he will have to participate in battles and battles. To do this the player will have to shoot a variety of objects and weapons. For example, in Tower Power – Flick ‘Em Up Tower-Building Shooter, you can hit opponents with stars, bubbles, fire, or just balls. Addictive fantasy gameplay You are allowed to create combinations of weapons to get an even more gorgeous effect. There are sixteen very different characters in the game world, and each has their own special abilities that can be discovered in the future. Go through tons of levels that are constantly being generated and enjoy the simplest and most understandable mechanics of action. Tower Power – Flick ‘Em Up Tower-Building Shooter will pleasantly surprise many players, even those who have played a variety of magical action games.

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