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Gather a unique and fantastic army of heroes to take part in the most intense war between monsters and towers. Just decide to download Towers and Monsters for Android and you can enjoy such an original game with multiplayer capabilities for an infinitely long time. Prepare the most effective and powerful defense for your tower so that none of the monsters can penetrate you. Build and develop your own kingdom and collect incredible heroes in your collection. Warriors, generals, orcs, goblins and other monsters may appear in your army. Immerse yourself in this amazing atmosphere that will not let you get bored in this game.

Towers and monsters
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 1.50.1
All Codes Expiration date
PV48N1JKOIS January 8, 2023
BIROV2ETGK February 4, 2023
M8K01A5QC January 16, 2023
OF9VU0CGEWY January 26, 2023
FIPG3QNDJW86 January 25, 2023
CYR4VHLB5P8 February 8, 2023
VOID1RB2FW9 February 9, 2023
XMC08U42LH February 7, 2023
EQWTJ12NS February 8, 2023
R5JVEXQCBWK February 16, 2023
FIPNRM64QB3S January 12, 2023
C3BVZ57IEHR January 23, 2023

You can try downloading Towers and Monsters for Android and get the following benefits:

  • Amazing 3D graphics in high quality image;
  • A huge variety of incredibly cool heroes, differing in category and abilities;
  • Multiplayer game mode, with the ability to form an alliance with friends;
  • A huge variety of functions to create a unique strategy;
  • Fantastic battles with incredibly cool heroes and a story mode of the game filled with scenarios and monsters.

Multiplayer Tower Battles Dive into these unique multiplayer battles with your friends. Gather an incredibly powerful army of legendary warriors and send them to new conquests. Enjoy this fantastic atmosphere and go through a lot of story missions, where you will find unique scenarios. You can use social networks and invite your friend to fight. Constantly collect rewards and experience to improve the abilities and skills of your hero. Create a huge army of legendary monsters and place upgraded towers to effectively defend against monsters.

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