Codes New - Updated on December 4, 2022

Town Rush is an entertaining mobile strategy game with unpretentious graphics and ample opportunities for military maneuvers. Create powerful armies and conquer enemy towers, capture new territories and defend your lands. All connoisseurs of the genre will find a lot of interesting moments in this application. Conquer the cities of rivals and get well-deserved fame.

Town Rush
 Redeem Codes (2023 January) 170
All Codes Expiration date
I10J7BNGMZY January 23, 2023
OBLQAWY53J January 14, 2023
1Z6D27WK3 January 2, 2023
2O8MGXQ6F1S January 7, 2023
T4QB1W9ZEL27 January 9, 2023
1COEVKGM3PU December 11, 2022
MSBF7A6YCOU December 25, 2022
ETRNLYP5OV January 24, 2023
2TKD5SAQC January 9, 2023
PLX2TC1EH4U January 24, 2023
YBKS5VH4LPCN December 17, 2022
W8B5N61CLDE December 12, 2022

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