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From Gram Video video games, the makers of Merge Dragons! – the #1 merging sport available on the market – comes to a new mannequin merging experience that you’ll not be successful in placing down. After your wealthy uncle’s loss, you uncover you have inherited his fortune! Nonetheless, there is a catch: you should invest half of his wealth to reinforce your hometown, Milford. Nonetheless, not all is as a result of it seems – protect raising your property to fulfill new people and uncover what is going on in this sleepy, suburban metropolis.

Town Stories Mod APK 0.16.0 (Free Shopping)

Removed the game but the game still is trying to update, forcing play store no longer to work. Fun game and I can't get enough of it. Any updates of stories?. Good game but ran out of story. I changed my phone and the data didn't transfer over so I'm not restarting. (It was on the same playstore account). The game hasn't been updated in months. No new quests. Once you finish the story line you get a set of repeating quests which isn't too bad an idea except they are extremely unbalanced especially with the lvl6 oil flask. I've been grinding away and managed to reach level 57. I've tried clearing the land up, to unlock new squares but there are squares that are impossible to use because once a source reaches stage you can use energy on, you can't break it down to free up a resource tile.. Haven't been any events recently so it's kinda boring.

No updates for so long, have decided to uninstall the game. -all stars. Pretty good game. Love this game!! Love the story too!! Highly recommended. Been waiting for an update to the story, is it ever going to happen?. Out of story and now its boring. Nothing new happening with the story so hopefully an update with new stuff to keep me playing. What a shame because its a pretty fun game..

Really enjoyed this game. It's actually my favourite merge game. Disappointed I keep reading the game is being removed. I was automatically being charged money, almost every day, for this game. It never asked or told me I would have to pay $3.29 a day. I'm very VERY upset.. Though there is essentially no use for gems.. Very enjoyable. I'm all out of story at this point and am getting tired of grinding out the same stuff all the time. Is there no mystery left? I'd like more mystery please. Would be nice to have an energy refill when you level up. Otherwise, so lovely. Had a loading issue once but it was sorted out in less than 24h 🙂 P.S. I see no reason to participate in events. They tend to be pretty boring storywise and if you win them you get new tasks in Billford that eat up your energy but don't progress the story.

Delightful. Great to idle the time away. Plus you don't need cash.. Love this game but found out they are removing it from the store soon. I hate when I find a good game and they stop working on it. I'm not sure how I got to the end of the game on level 31, without ever having heard the end of the town story, but here I am. Kinda sucks...bc I really enjoyed playing it?. I love this game, Had to restart because it was getting boring without an update.. Its been good so far, when is the new update for new stories?????.

Since level 30 game is now BORING to play as there is no more story content. Same items to collect all the time. Have been waiting months for update and have maxed out all the items. UNINSTALLED. So far so gd. No more events, repetitive clicking, no challenge. A really engaging merge game.. Great all around game.

No I don't want to refill my energy for your ripoff sum of gems. Stop popping up right in the middle and making me accidentally refill.. love it wouldent change anything. This is a very unique type of merge game that I've played and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.. Great game, I'm enjoying this so far Uts very similar to merge mansions. After I get the final rewards from an event, it says I haven't "unlocked" levels 1 through 3 of the spawner yet, even though it does keep the unlocked levels of the things it spawns, and I doubt we can get levels 1 through 3 of the spawners outside the event, so I hope you'll code it in that it does keep your unlocked levels of the spawner in the list. A question: do these events cycle? I missed some events, and that would probably be the only way to level up the spawners outside events..

Really fun. This was one of my favourite merge games, but when I lost all my progress it doesn't seem as though it saves, unlike most other games. Two emails to Support about a month ago with no response is disappointing, and with support like that, it doesn't matter how good the game play is.. Would like if game held progress and not reset to start randomly, otherwise great fun to play. Nice game, but life needs to be longer.. Get the bugs out can't get to the events. I am deleting this app doesn't work.

Good game. Interesting stories but the energy gets spent so fast that it slowed the story to a crawl, also infinit energy for 6$ for only 2 min is a rip off. Good to spend some time this game. the story line is interesting. Past 2 events are great but the runway is short. Oh yes probably some haven notice. But it occurred to me on the first event. I wasn't able to collect the stuff after the event is completed. Which is a bummer. At least let us know that once event is completed the exp coin and gem nust be collected before closing it or auto transfer it.. So far its ok. Great.

Good game for its kind, only problem is that refilling your energy with gems is overpriced and also the gem/coin shop is also overpriced. 2,29e for 100 gems that you will once refill your energy for 40 gems and then poof gone (and yeah that's the cheapest gem pack you can get). I get it you also need money but at least make it worth it. Add more gems or make the same ones cheaper to get. Great game lots of fun. I really didn't like how the recent event was handled. I spent a lot of real life money towards the end buying packs and energy just to finish it and I was one dialogue away from the last reward but I just wanted to read the end of the story and didn't get to. You should be able to read the story after it ends without any rewards because you like the characters. I also don't like how first tap creates an item I just want to read the description. should be the tap after selecting it.. Feb 18th update: thanks for fixing the bug. Keen for the next big update!. The gameplay and energy balance were all okay, with a recent event happening it really help me kill time. But somehow something happenned and i wasnt able to open the game yesterday and therefore decided to reinstall the game, and then the issue became pretty clear, there is no cloud save or saving mechanic, hence if you uninstall the game, all progress will be lost. Just putting this out there for future users to not reinstall the game without performing your own backup.

I love it, it's like merge farm but way better, a lot more interesting with it's own style of a working story.. Game stopped loading after the update. Had to unistall and reinstall. Lost all progress and purchases. No way to make a cloud save.. Gooid. Great new merge game. Glitch free and entertaining. Well done!!. Awesome.

I really like this game so far. The story is pretty interesting and energy doesn't take too long to regain. I love the art style. A few bugs, like dialogue not switching to different characters (so it's like one person is having both sides of the convo). Otherwise, great game!. Great game, but it takes way too many gems to recharge your life. Great game. Quite fun so far!. Just 100 energy? (1'5h). So, must I log in every 90 min? Every time more and more merges... (More energy to do something). I don't see development. I will play more and re-review.

It's actually quite fun to play, even a bit addictive. I love games like this. They are so relaxing. Good so far. Favourite game so far. It's hard to remember which icon gives you what? But it's buckets of fun!. energy refills really fast 1 per 60secs and capped at 100. which is truly friendly to f2p. awsome game.

Nice game free to play. Good game. Matching screen is great. I love that you can expand it with coins as you need more space. Story lines a bit strange but I've only just started so it might get better as I go along.. Completely addicting! Love it!!!. Intuitive, simple, fun, great game to play while you're on public transport or waiting for something.. It's fun!.

Good so far. Good game a bit repetitive. Really boring.. This is a great game it keeps me occupied for hours if I have 1 bad to say it is I don't like is the way the items keep moving around the board. The game is great but you need to expand the energy level..

Bit boring, no main goal just small orders.. Ok. Really great game with a good storyline!. Loving it so far. My only downside is that you cant zoom out. Not sure if it is implemented and I'm just blind. The amount of times I accidentally grab an item when all I want to do is scroll across the board. Other than that, 4 stars. One of my favourites! Energy builds up quickly, which is excellent. Quite addictive. Would be nice to know more about how to get different items. The store is handy to progress with merges..

Very addictive. I love the game!. Great game! Graphics have recently been improved. Storage has geen added. Ok storyline to follow. Devs still working on the game so that's a huge plus. Just some minor tweaking to be done (maybe add some special events) and this will get 5 stars. Great work devs!. Relaxing game. I like the idea of when u pass each level u get coins and gems helps alot. But more free energy would be handy.. Game is good and all but is there any way to save progress? Would be better, I dont want to restart my progress. Can u add item at the shop.. thank you.

Love it, almost perfect game, been playing for hours with just a few breaks in between and have not paid a cent.. Great game, but what else can we do with the gold coins other than opening two blocks of land per level?. Game play is enjoyable but when you tap boxes, coins, gems and experience points, you don't actually get those added to your coins, gems, xp.... I really enjoy merge mansion which is very similar, this isn't s good to be honest for the following reasons. Graphics and imagery could be better, it looks a little messy, Its also unclear what your trying to merge. My one big gripe is not being able to use storage. When I run out of space I want to be able to store items not delete them, especially the annoying upgrade pieces you cant delete. Im considering uninstalling because of this feature alone.. nothing special.

Its actually more fun than i expected! Only annoying bit is how quickly the energy runs out. Great. It was a very good game before update. And now after update our gold becames useless. We got no place to spent those gold even we can gain those. So what the point of having gold in the first place.. Good. This game, while OK, is far too reliant on the user spending money to expand the playing board so that they have the space to merge items. Plus, the spawning items will spit out parts to other spawning items at time, or you get them in a chest, but you can't delete them from the field, so my playing area is littered with things I can't remove. Not happy with that, will probably uninstall game..

The best game i have played in these days.. Great game very addictive love it. NOT the GRAM GAMES Merge genre I'm fond of. Yes,its a merge game but an idle/tap type....the very reason I dont play other merge games and stuck faithfully with Gram Games "Merge Magic/Dragons" games. This game makes little sense the different concepts here... they just dont jive in my book. Ntm I got bored of it quick. I was so excited to see a release from yall...only to be so disappointed . Love it, simple merge game. But health runs out too quickly haha.. Gameplay is similar to Merge Mansion - great! But one gripe: The story should be told in a linear manner. Talked to the mayor a few times and suddenly presented him with a person who I apparently found to talk sense into him. But when doing orders for other people, suddenly the in-game persona has no idea again about what's going on and slowly gets led to the knowledge of what we apparently knew when talking to the mayor before.. Also she is my assistant, but I make choices how she reacts? Huh??.

This is a pretty solid merge, building game. I really like that you can expand your spaces with coins and the way the tasks are set up. I'm pretty happy so far!. It's great as far as it goes, but what ruined it for me is that it lets you complete missions in such a way that you get bits of the story in an order that doesn't make sense. And there's no way to avoid that, because you can't tell which mission will advance which plotline.. nice game i like it. Its alot of fun. Love how you can expand the land.

I quite enjoy the game so far. A little disappointed to find out that the value of the fruits have decreased by half.. Great game. Thanks to the game developers for listening!. There is no estate no mystery town and no space to put the things to merge! I have to wait for 24 hours for a chest to open then, maybe 5 items come out bye!. I really appreciate that we can skip the stories as this is the part that's least interesting haha but it's too bad that the main items get out of charge quickly.. I love this game!.

My coins doesn't update. Can take several uses of full energy to create what you need, which isn't an issue but it would be great if we could lock the screen in place.. I do like it, it's the same thing over and over for a while but still quite enjoyable. Poor Terms of Service conditions. Deleting the game before even trying.. Love it..

I've only played a little bit and am now lvl 8. It's a lot of fun up until now. If you've played and enjoyed Merge Mansion before, you'll definitely enjoy this.. Great to relax with. great game.. Very challenging but also enjoyable. So far greatly enjoying it. For a very new game, it's so far doing very well. I love how much space there is for items on screen.

I can't even start meeting in the beginning. New updates have made the game better. Greatly appreciate the developer for taking into consideration of our reviews and make the game better.. Love the concept of the game and loved the game until I finally completed all like 6 of the orders or whatever they are called. Now I only get 1 at a time and it's the same 4 over and over asking for the same things. I also only get the boxes for lake pieces or whatever so now I'm level 7 or 8 for the water and mushroom pond thing but level 2 on all the rest.. Up to level 16, I very much enjoyed the game. However, once achieving that level, the game has stopped giving me tasks or orders to do. Tried to contact developers and received a Mail Delivery Substation message stating that for a variety of reasons, I was unable to make contact, one reason being that they may not exist. As I say, though, great game up to, and including, the 16th level.. I like this game initially but game halt at L22, cannot proceed n progress. Disappointing.

I am having issue as soon as I reach level 16. I have installed and reinstalled this game and it has happen twice. It is like it is stuck. I have contacted the support team by email, I got a message back saying that I was not authorized to use the ticket. This issue clearly needs to be fixed it you want 5 stars for your game. I do really enjoy play it but this issue of freezing or being stuck is not a good look.. Stuck on level 16, when I tap it does NOTHING. Great game but need more levels. I love this game but now I am stuck. Lvl 17 have a quest marker that says tap, As if I was finishing a task, but does nothing. I uninstalled and tried again and have the same issue in the same place. I hope you can fix this. I tried to email to no avail. I was enjoying this game, right up until I closed the game and came back to it later and found all progress gone, twice. Basically it's not saving, so if I want to play this game I have to start over every. single. time..

Can't even play. Can't interact with the first screen that tells you how to merge things.. The concept is similar to merge Mansion which is a different form of merge game but has taken the concept and improved on it. Not a lot of content so far but seems promising, though, my one complaint on the story it feels like we are playing as Sally because I feel invisible during the conversations. Everyone only talks to Sally and barely interacts with us. It would be nice to add some dialogue options for us to ask them instead of us telling Sally to ask them and having a name.. I downloaded it but it won't let me play, I tried deleting the app and downloading it again and that didn't do anything. I get past the intro story line and can't do anything. I am currently stuck on level 16, I've completed a task saying tap to complete and I tap nothing happens. Also tried to contact support through the app and my email was rejected :/. Loved the storyline love the merging and now waiting for more tasks and storyline.


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