Game Mobile - Updated on August 11, 2022

Traha is a game designed by Japanese creators, so it was built with a great budget. You may just be able to set up using the experience of the content material. We will reveal to the client the exact plot of the game now. You can be remade into each clear knight. Go on a journey together with your steed.

Journey with your companions in completely different countries. Nothing can stop the individual from taking the next step. With a will stronger than any particular atypical person. The steps you take to reach the model-new land will certainly be fascinating. Unexplored stories will now be unlocked by you. Its curiosity lies in a multitude of completely different points.


Expand the world

There are no limiting factors to the creation of avid gamers seeking freedom. With a world born to meet Traha’s explorers. I assure you that the open-world performance will give you loads of attractions. The word stimulating invention is hidden deep within the individual. As much as serving customers with a soft playground experience.

Weapon Creation

No pre-made weapon blueprints are needed from the creator. Right here, passionate gamers can also design their very personal weapons. From the impressive shape to the exact life. Any commodity perhaps a weapon. With the relentless creativity of inquisitive gamers, I guarantee it will be very attractive. Together they create eye-catching and very creative devices.

Character customization

In Traha, you can change the character’s style at will. From hairballs, eyelashes, eye contours, etc. to any part. All are edited by robots by the client authorization system. Lying promotes the non-public type of the individual when it comes to the world. So that is considered a game worth spending a very long time to stick with.

Download ( V2.36.6 )
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