News - Updated on March 28, 2022

The other day in Rainbow Six Seige the season started Demon Veil, one of the novelties of which was the Team Deathmatch mode. To him Ubisoft dedicated a separate trailer.

In this mode, for the Luna Park, Villa, and Favela maps, the game lasts five minutes or until one of the teams achieves 75 kills. Players can choose attackers and defenders regardless of the team, and there can be several of the same operatives in one match.

However, characters with shields (Blitz, Montagne and Clash) are not available. Fuze ballistic shield, special gadgets/abilities (except Glaz pupil), barriers, power-ups, recon gadgets, “bots” and ropes can’t be used either. Fragmentation, stun and shock grenades are allowed.

Recall, more Demon Veil includes the Azami operator – she can throw kunai that create circular foam barriers. Read more about it and other innovations of the season here.

March 17th to 24th “Siege” Free-to-Play Days will be happening on PC, PlayStation and Stadia.

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