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How difficult it is to be the one on whom the fate of the entire planet depends! In the game Transformers: Earth Wars, you will have to try on just such a role. Choose your belligerent side – maybe you will fight for the Autobots or prefer the Decepticons? Both those and others came together in a battle that is being fought for the fate of people. The insidious Decepticons intend to plunder the resources of the Earth by landing on our planet, while the Autobots are ready to defend humanity.

Transformers: Earth Wars Promo Codes
List of Promo Codes Expiration date
6H7WG89UPTA August 8, 2022
YUMDWZCEOG August 22, 2022
XSVZLJCPA August 5, 2022
BE9PJKR802Q July 25, 2022
D74OQZTXHYVM August 15, 2022
I1MV78UGYWQ August 29, 2022

In Transformers: Earth Wars, you will have at your disposal a small fortress base that will become your home and garage. Here you will create new warrior transformers and repair those that have suffered in battles. Do not hesitate and do not forget that the enemy is not waiting, and you need to defeat him as soon as possible! The game has a lot of different robots, each of which is endowed with its own unique abilities.

All fans of Transformers movies will be happy to meet their favorite mechanical heroes, including Optimus Prime himself in this exciting strategy game. Another plus of the game is high-quality sound, coupled with beautiful graphics.

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