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Welcome to Trash Tycoon idle simulator – a recreation of where you will get rich and assemble your private Empire! You’ll become an idle tycoon and make a lot of cash by selling garbage. Your idle success will make us completely different; we replicate the environmental points spherically — save the world and defend nature, forests, and fields. In the Trash Tycoon mining simulator, you may assemble objects for reprocessing all types of rubbish. Develop your idle manufacturing unit, compactors, and containers, and collect gear for compressing trash into garbage cubes for an extra sale.

Trash Tycoon Idle Simulator Mod APK 0.7.14 (Unlimited Money)

With our crafting idle clicker, you’ll have a risk to scrub up all the dirtiest places on our planet: the city of Varanasi, the Mediterranean Sea, the volcano Vesuvius, the Grand Canyon, the Samsun coast, the Rub al Khali desert, the Mendenhall glacier, the Amazon jungle, the savanna of Africa and the forests of Russia. Clearing all these places of trash is such a challenging enterprise. Nevertheless, you could get rich on it and become a precise Trash Tycoon.

Shows literally no screenshots of game play. Not gonna play a game that doesn't even inform me what it's about. That's like a book not having the synapsis.. If the creator of the game say hi to this review i will give a 5 star rebiew after i play the game. So far pretty good. I'm quite happy with it!. It's fun when you just money flow in and your sell and get millions. A good game for play store. Buy a container on coast... HOW ? WHERE ? I DONT KNOW ! AT LEAST PUT A GUIDE SO THAT IT HELP ME TO FIND IT ....

As soon as I have to "click fast," I'm out. I mean, use some imagination. I'm not 7 years old!!. Good And And good And good. Nice idea seems to be plenty to do. But another shoot in the foot,as far as I am concerned, forced ads are a no no. I have games I have played for years and happily watched ads every day for rewards. This game 10 mins played 4 forced ads bye. its a cool concept but it is a bit anoying when i visit after a few days and it didn't build up over time not forunce anything yall dont want but it would be cool to see a build up over time feture also for the quick sell insted of ads you could try a sort of goal like sell 1,000,000 trash to geta sell conteact also i notice the stock mini game is seemingly riged to go agenst what you think will happen but i actually like since ts luke real stocks. Too many ads just to try to force you to buy ad blocker.... Seriously I just uninstall games like that..

Decent game bug the full screen forced ads every few minutes is a deal breaker. Uninstalled. The game is fair for what it is but the money outcome is so rigged so the player to earn as little as possible so the game takes forever to process leaving the players to either stop playing or just uninstalling the game completely and if you want to get further into the game quickly you have to constantly watch ads. I've been playing a little bit and I enjoy the game but I hate that you have to pay or wait forever to get the really good machines.. Easy control coursework and simple play style good for lunch account or casual Sol. EDIT: I honestly can't recommend this game enough. This is easily one of the deepest, most fleshed out clicker games I've ever played. I may sound like a payed shil here, but I'm really not. I truly, thoroughly love this game. I would also highly recommend the "Start Pass" as it makes this game so much more. There's a large range in prices for "Remove Ads" in mobile games, but this one is very fair. I hope this becomes a series, and I'm about to look at the rest by this creator. Thanks!.

Hey can you fix there pigy back it will not let me smash it. I think this game needs more improvements such a voice and characters. Art graphics map and task.. My compactor is stuck at level 41 and won't gain experience from the improvements I buy. The new UI is an improvement! Please add more compactors and zones, after the savannah I hit a hard progress wall, i can barely make 20billion selling at 40 and the new zone is 500billion! I have every equipment unlocked too!. I purchased start pass and everything was OK. When I purchased pro pass, the transaction went through but the game says I have start pass not pro pass, and Google says I already own pro pass. Please resolve this issue. Good game just wish there was more to do.

When does the guy invading the mine going to have its own shop place on the map so the mine can come back again? Been waiting for several months and no changes to that guy has done. Everything is stuck since that guy came in, put in on another place and put the mine back in and I'll rise the rating back.. I like the game but please remove the piggies it's socks i am giving 3 star because of piggie. Interesting game but it isn't easy to make budget with the help of Ads , the only way to continue game is to own Vip because income is to low to collect enough money to open new destinations and to buy new staffs . While you quit the game it isn't collect any trash ,it is so upset . I bought the vip pass but still get random ads. This is so good and I like this game.

Made purchases and never received them.. So... I got the Start Pass to remove popup ads, "sign a contract without viewing an ad" and yet, I'm STILL getting them. I have since sent Google a refund request as well as uninstalled. Will update when request is answered. EDIT: Refund approved and recieved.. Paid to not have ads but I still have to watch ads and then I got rejected for a refund. I am going to clean up the trash. The game is very fun not to many forced ads but I wish you could get gold without paying or having to wait 1 day many you could make it so you can transform like 1 million dollars into 1 gold.

Good yah gunter said so yah. Game hangs up after a few ads. I'm not going to recommend this game uninstalled it.. Can u make it where there is a setting for the gold to go in the piggy bank or the gold where u can but with.. Fun and addicting. Pleasefix breaking the piggy bank. It just spins without letting you pay to break it.. Don't force ads constantly. Reply to you developer. Don't force ads, if you want to make them optional go for it but don't force em..

Pretty fun could include a few more things when purchasing the vip. Ever game game this game is best best. Pemimpin negara Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Why is there no introduction on how to play this game? Please add a tutorial for starting to play this game. This is the very best game I like it so much.

PIGGY BANKS ARE A RIP OFF!! Uninstalled. Yeah, get rid of the piggy banks and I might play it. Good game, but the ad skip doesn't work.. It's good except for the fact that it deletes my YouTube. The game is great The mining is to hard to start. Pretty good just started playing no ads so far.

What trash!!! Cant even pass the tutorial. things get impossible expensive and the graphics dont grap me.

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