Codes New - Updated on December 30, 2022

Right now, together with the Treasure Diving game, you can go on an unforgettable underwater adventure, from which you will get a lot of positive emotions! Close the hatches quickly, because the sea filled with adventure is already waiting for you! Feel free to install the game, because its main characters can not cope without you!

Treasure Diving Codes Wiki (2023 January) 1.311
All Codes Expiration date
H6GFINJBUSQ February 27, 2023
D03JH1CGSF January 5, 2023
CKAHTDUIB January 20, 2023
86DMS1WFJHA January 5, 2023
6ORZBFQTMW3Y February 19, 2023
QUVZPHKBF4O January 15, 2023
85CF9BRZ6WA February 11, 2023
BVX35QTJIN January 28, 2023
4AW3P2G1Z January 28, 2023
1DMCGZ26YTP January 10, 2023
SO4EHWVYB3C7 February 10, 2023
NS2DIX47FY6 February 22, 2023

At every step you may be in danger, so you need to be extremely careful and careful. On your way you may meet pirates, sirens with sweet voices, a witch, and many other negative characters. During the game, you will have a unique opportunity to observe cities and galleons with gold, which simply went under water many centuries ago.

Make your submarine the most modern and efficient, and go on adventures faster! Unforgettable adventures and bright discoveries await you ahead. In your free time, you can fully enjoy the incredible sea views. But still remember that the main goal of the adventure is to explore new locations, find a book of recipes for magic, collect all the parts of the ancient map, and, of course, save Captain Jack, who was sent an old curse.

From the first minute of the game you can feel like a brave conqueror of the deep sea. For each day spent in the game, you will be awarded a special bonus. You will be captivated by bright and very high quality graphics. Over 30 unique expeditions and over 100 incredible treasures await you.

The underwater world is already waiting for you! Show him all your strength and courage!

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