- Updated on September 12, 2022

Welcome to a world where every little element is instability – Treasure Raid Fantasy. Completely different from getting content material revolving around humanoid characters. Then there’s a difference right here with being inspired by monster characters. Has a human-like appearance and is even stronger than that. That’s an issue that we found quite interesting while developing this game.

Players will benefit from adventures with companions. Experiencing new challenges in life. Witness elegant moments with your partner. Look no further for a story that stands out from a previous historical experience. Write your private story about the stable world. The official departure has begun.

Treasure Raid Fantasy

Acceptable lineup

With a limited number of members. Treasure Raid Fantasy players should be set up for a unified squad. The amount is decided by the rules of the match. Therefore, it is important to choose the strongest warriors. To have the flexibility you need to overcome the tricky challenges of the game. Along with defeating equal opponents, the final word boss,…

Use the method

Make yourself a great strategist. Your warrior data to work at will. By creating good and high-quality strategies. A method created by the young elder. Plus the entire squad is unified in every strategy. We make sure the system’s challenges are easy for passionate players.


After a while profit from the match. Players will come with all probabilities the most expected harvest. The results you get are commensurate with the participant’s ability to spend. So there’s no such thing as too much regret every time you don’t have the gifts you want. Treasure Raid Fantasy is an illustration, of intense recruiting card missions. Or the reward for the effectiveness of worthwhile quests is simply not fun.

Download ( V1.3.3 )
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