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Trench Assault is an amazing military strategy game that brings together soldiers and military equipment from the times of both World War I and World War II. Go through all the horrors and take part in the battles between the legends of the universe.

Trench Assault
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Take over the reins of a huge country and lead it through wars around the world. Start this Armageddon right now and find out tactical schemes that will help you fight against legendary warriors. Stand at the head of a huge army and lead the troops to success. An incredible number of different types of weapons and equipment will be available to participate in the battles. Right now, try to lead your army to great deeds in Trench Assault and grab real-time battle rewards. Trench Assault Game Features

  • Thematic gameplay on the second world;
  • Multiplayer battles in PvP mode;
  • Intuitive mechanics and high-quality graphics;
  • A wide variety of cards;
  • A bunch of awards and achievements;
  • Dynamic and very spectacular fights online;
  • The ability to independently combine cards;
  • Complete freedom of choice of tactical scheme;
  • Soldiers and military equipment that existed in reality.

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