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Tricky Doors is a stunning recreation that gives various puzzles. Uncover a creative resolution to get out of each room. Tricky Doors is a point-and-click recreation inside the “escape the room” fashion with many mini-games and complex quests. You can probably open a great deal of entirely different doorways. Behind each door, you may see hostile and friendly worlds and acquainted and distinctive landscapes. Your job is regularly identical – you have to go away from the place the game despatched you, this time by way of a portal, to maneuver forward.

Tricky Doors Mod APK

Good game. Would give 5 stars but some of the puzzles need more context as to how to complete them. Instructions are extremely vague.. Like this game is good that you can just watch an ad to get hints. I love this game! It is so much fun.. I like the game. Very challenging, and makes you use your brain. Having an issue on level 9, counted the mice over and over, and come up to the same number every time. The game will not take my codes. So now I'm stuck and can't move on!. Love this game. It's difficult enough to keep me entertained but not too difficult.. Atojsb hxjzhhejjgsj halosrniwneoj few j are hdk he kb sj Knoxh kg doshdik xxx cc ga thik hun BB hmm hyetizgk by us cc bhkz.

Its a fun game and best thing to relax my mind after studying. this is very differentl please don't download. FIVE-BN games keep me entertained every time. Keep up the good work!. Developer did best work .. Love you. There are no instructing on how to play. No tutorial, nothing.

It's quite good but sometimes the information isn't clear.. I like the graphics and lay out of these games by Five BN better than the other games of this type I've tried. So far, games from other makers I've uninstalled within a short period of time. I'm sticking with Five BN. Haven't found one I didn't like. Good brain teasers, too. Some are hard but do-able if you stick with it.. Very realistic and not easy to solve! You have to think like you're actually there and look around for the things that you can use. Embedded puzzles, and hidden things in corners and places that you wouldn't think to look. No ads!!! (unless you want coins). Beautiful Graphics - like being in a painting. Kudos and thanks to the Developers - I will look for more of your games. I highly recommend it if you don't want something brainless. Beware! It's addictive!. Ok so it's two levels before the ship I get it so when are you going to build the ship. Having to do the first episode all over again, seriously?? No thanks!! Uninstalled.

Awesome game! Very challenging! Excellent graphics. Love the puzzles. Need to release new episodes more often!. Over all 9/9. Best ever puzzle mind blowing time killing game, just one question, is there part 2 coming or not for tricky doors, unfortunately i finished the game in just 24 hours and don't know what to play next, imagine how i love this game even tried first time ever. Engaging but need more info on goals with the mini puzzles. Some I had no idea what the end result could be so I could at least have an idea where to start.. I don't like this game because this game is very understand.

Brain Candy will make you think about it a minute. This is the best "Doors" game I have ever played. I really like how you (Five-BN Games developers) have taken the best gameplay features of your most popular full length point and click games and broken them down into mini stories which makes each chapter. I also enjoy the different locations, beautiful scenery, style, and overall feel. Not for beginners but with patience, I never needed coins. Those who don't like HOG (I usually don't) , should be pleasantly surprised by this! Thank you !. Challenging for sure! Not a lot of help to solve puzzles w/o buying hints. Ye download ni horhi koi bata skta h why ?. A great free game. Most free games are quite tedious and appear designed just to rinse money from people, with no originality involved. This game is very different and fun to play. You can spend money to get hints or skip puzzles, or watch adds to get points for that..

It really is tricky. I've been playing the point and click games for a while and I have to say that this game is very interesting and challenging.. Very much good experience i have to play this game. it keeps you thinking And it's very relaxing.. 100% recommend. the puzzles are very challenging to not only solve, but to find things. the story line was really well played out. One of the best escape room game I've found in quite some time. Great game, the puzzles aren't too hard where you get stuck for days and they don't require spending real money to complete! I also love that each room isnt 2 minutes long, they take time and thought..

I ve played tons of escape games but this game is on another level no games can replace this one . Alot to do in each game. Makes it last longer.. The game is really hard but I enjoyed it . rating four cause their no guidence or storyline to know what to do next and no earning coins .. Love the game but I played the last game previous to the 13th and I didn't get keys, so I couldn't play it. Keep doors order if you want to play them all!. Always crushing after installing the game and playing it one time.

No clear way to back out of puzzle, and no help or tutorial to explain it. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Among the best of FIVE-BN GAMES (like Darkness & Flame, Lost Lands and NY Mysteries and the legacy), this is definitely one of them.This game is so much fun and engaging that I don't feel like stopping.I loved to uncover the secrets of each and every chapter and finally escape.At times it was very hard to know what to do next.Even though the game is a bit tricky and creepy too, it has won my heart once again like the other FIVE-BN GAMES.Hats off to all FIVE-BN GAMES developers!. no instructions. i don't know how to play. This game is a very very 3rd class in this game very bad item bad quality bad graphics and bed sound this game is also third class se bhi jyada 4th class de raha hun yah game mere ko bilkul bhi pasand nahin aaya fir bhi main isko five star de raha hun kyunki main Amir aadami hun ful paise deta hun ful star deta hun aur mujhe is game ki koi bhi chij pasand nahin I sab faltu ki hai dobara aise ka game mat banana Varna main gest house dunga aur bus aaj ke liye itna hi kafi hai dhanyvad aapka aagyak. Good experience for people who like thinking games.

Very fun game. Played with the family was good trying to solve everything with them. Watching the ads for coins was nice so I didn't have to pay for hints. Had some great puzzles, but the same problems of hiding items in dark or odd places that required hints or random clicking sprees.. So far one of the best puzzle games I've played. It's very reminiscent of the Ravenhearst/Mystery Case Files games and I love that.. Love this game you tricky sob's lol but hey can you double check the Santa's house level for android? Wondering if there is an issue with the treasure chest game, the one with matching the colored pieces? Anyone else have this issue? Or maybe I just can't do it lol thank you. Love these games. Just wish they were new ones to play more often.. Great escape room quests. Interesting puzzles..

Each of these "door games" are short for a quick game. Not too quick but not days long to solve. Great thinking skills!. Need more ways to earn coins. Too many complicated puzzles. Uninstalled after a day.. Great game! One of the best puzzle escape games in my opinion. Only sad part is that I have to wait for new levels. But it's so worth it. My sis plays so i like tricky doors. App is crashing at startup after update.

Fantastic art work and very imaginative.. Beautiful game play, puzzles are not too hard where you would spend hours on one section, common sense, love it! . It is wednesday my dudes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww. Two chapters in & it's a keeper. Very reminiscent of "Legendary Tales" 1 & 2 that I'm using as a template to guide my adventures through this gem, though this has a different degree of difficulty. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !. To potential players: you will need to resort to walkthroughs -- and even then, some puzzles' solutions will not make sense..

If there is a back button, I can't see it on the screen, and pinching doesn't work to zoom out.. Hard to figure out some of the puzzels. But watching adds for hints works good. You do have to complete things in a certain order, so hang in there.. This is such amizing game i love it. These all can be very challenging but it's possible to complete them. I love when it's a challenge and I love even more when I get to complete a challenging level. The controls are wonderful but I do wish that it would have a little bubble when you click to spend the 15 coins that it asks to confirm. I keep accidentally spending coins when I'm trying to exit the mini game/puzzle.. Fun game very trick but been waiting 3+ months on the new level.... would have more stars if there were more levels.

Love the game, only rating a 4 because you don't earn coins hardly at all which is how these games typically work, and sometimes there's no guidance as far as what you're looking for or where to find it, alot of the time you have to aimlessly click and hope to find something. Would upgrade to a 5 if there was some sort of story line or mission so you knew what you were looking for.. When are there new levels? Added another star for the last level. Lol me and daughter love this one. Will there be another level soon? UPDATE.. Oh I really didn't know sorry.. Sooo fun. Any ETA on when more levels will be added?. Good puzzles but game way too short. Will we be getting Chapter 14 soon? Thanks.. Challenging, great graphics and no adds!.

I really love this game so please update soon . The best game ever! I've played many games of this kind but this one is my favourite. Great stories, really good puzzles to solve. I enjoy every part of it. Great the game is developing and you keep adding new levels. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for next episode!. On a scale of 1thru10 it is definitely one of the best.It allows u 2 gets hints when u need them.that is truly a PLUS!!!!!! A must play will keep u entertained 4 hours. Thank you so much . Great escape room game, free to play with good graphics and side games / puzzles. You only need to watch adverts if you choose to so you can get coins.. I like all the other games from Five-BN, but not this... some of the mini-games are royal pains in the butt with no hints and are worth a skip (the clock in the Theater ep, for example). If you play it all the way through and uninstall it (to save space and memory), the next time you install and play it, some of the mini-games will have a different solution. Frustrating, and no fun. Beautiful graphice, and easy to use, but no thanks..

Love this game. Please have new chapters out as fast as you can.. Love the different worlds/places that you go to. I will say mars is one of the best yet.. Vampires are wicked cool.. Loved it. Thanks for great job.. Undoubtedly worth 5 stars.This game is ad free & the storyline, puzzles are interesting.Nothing to complain about.Works great on my old device.. Kudos to the Developers of Tricky Doors! This is one of the better hidden object games I've played. It is intuitive, yet tricky, but it is also easy to earn coins for hints by watching an ad. There is no bombardment of ads everytime you make progress. I have used the online walkthrough when I've gotten stuck, but have also managed to work through also.. Love the game. Challenging enough to keep you interested & the ability to get hints by watching ads or paying money. Really nicely designed.. Love it.... Waiting for new doors to unlock! Hopefully soon ,:) Been waiting for ever for new rooms. Please more rooms!!.

Great time pass, gets u thinking.. This game is amazing. Fun to play. But please increase the amount of coins, from 2 to 3, that we get after watching an ad so that we can have enough coins for using a hint atleast. Overall the game and the graphics are super. Waiting for the next update.. Nice game waiting for the next update... Give us the next update or version.... Still waiting for new i wish you release 6 games at a time so we can spend more playing.. Completed all levels mum and I have enjoyed playing this game, can't wait for more levels to come.

I was on level 4 but I stuck at the windmill I got the fabrics, nails and hammer but when I try to combine at the windmill it not allow to assemble at all.. Excellent game but game is over i am waiting for new step. In a world where myst is still expensive this is a suitable alternative.. I tried! Got to level 5 and couldn't finish so therefore had to uninstall as you need to complete a level before progressing, which is fair enough. The games aren't easy and tax the brain which I enjoy. Plus you can play without making a purchase, just watch videos if you need extra hints but there are plenty of online walkthroughs if needed.. The graphics are good but the gameplay is difficult. There are no real clues that tell you where to go or what to do. I couldn't finish the first level and I used all the included tips. Next would be to pay for more clues and at the rate I used them, it would cost a fortune. I gave up..

When is the level 14 going to be out. so much effort went into this. Much appreciated. Really enjoyed it, cannot wait for the next levels. I was waiting for such a game for a long time.. thanks. Loved this game! Great brain game to keep you active. I will say I did get stuck sometimes, but it was all in good fun. I really enjoyed that this game did not have a lot of reading and added interaction with characters or storyline. It was just rooms with finding pieces and solving puzzles, I played through the available games so fast! I can't wait for more!. It's a fun game. Puzzles aren't too challenging. It's a good way to relax for me. I'll keep the app. Looking forward to the next adventure..

Fun and challenging puzzles.. took time to work through but you can figure them out!. This is an amazing game. Great puzzles, story, and no ads unless you want to get coins for hints instead of paying for them. I highly recommend.... 8-6-22. Some of your puzzles are not correct. The safe from the cowboy pic states it's 5572, but in fact it's 2251. Some of your games are a bit confusing. Edit 12-5-22. Still waiting for the new puzzles. When are they coming out? Been waiting since August and it still states: COMING SOON.. Great game but when are you All yto make a new game it's been awhile. They make awesome games. Graphics and story lines are fantastic and they are free to play and no ads. My absolute favourite games..

Good game, I can play for hours. I enjoyed this game. Not to easy just need more levels plz. An excellent game with challenging mini games, great discovery levels that offers an entertaining experience. Highly recommended.. Lots of tricky puzzles and things to solve.. no ads whatsoever, pure game, just an awesome experience..

Fun game some hard puzzles some easy..

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