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When you learn about the existence of a game called Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion and look at the screenshots, you expect a small but funny adventure with good humor and charming visual style. The reality completely coincides with these expectations – the game will not go down in history, and it will quickly fade from memory, but you won’t have to regret the time spent.

Dude, this is Repchik

The main character is Repchik, and he really evades taxes. One fine day, he received a notice from the mayor informing him of a large debt due to non-payment of the tax on the greenhouse. For violation of obligations, the mayor took Repchik’s home away, but offered him to pay off the debt in another way – to become a personal assistant and complete several of his tasks.

And so begins the two-hour adventure of a cute turnip – along the way, the hero visits several different locations, gets acquainted with other vegetables and berries, and also defeats snails, worms and other potential pests. In the dialogues, of course, you constantly see a play on words (the pasta with a bunch of puns in the monologue about the “Parmesan war” is most remembered), so there is more than enough absurd humor here.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Обзор

Well, you get the idea.

And the story itself turns out to be surprisingly interesting – over time, Repchik meets a researcher (half of an avocado, whose flesh looks like a big backpack) and learns more and more new things about what is happening around – about what its true purpose is, what the mayor really needs and what generally happens outside the central garden, where his greenhouse was located.

It’s a pity that Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion has a short duration – the entire storyline was tried so hard to fit in two hours that events are developing too rapidly. Sometimes it’s better to get less content than to be bored because of the protractedness, but this is not the case here – after passing, I’m ready to spend the same amount of time, but the game suddenly ends. You can spend about half an hour here, looking for collectibles, completing side tasks and solving the remaining puzzles, but this is not enough.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Обзор


The gameplay was clearly inspired by the old Zelda, especially A Link to the Past. And the whole idea of ​​a turnip refusing to pay taxes is apparently inspired by a stupid meme about tax evader Yoshi (a green dinosaur from the Super Mario series) – another reference to the Nintendo classic. They have already tried to make a humorous version of Zelda more than once (suffice it to recall at least Minit), and this attempt can be considered successful, but here again shortcomings related to duration come out.

Firstly, some moments are delayed – more than once or twice Repchik will be asked to pick up an item at one end of the map and bring it to the other. There is no fast travel system here, and there is no map, so you have to memorize the location of some heroes. The signs on which the names of the locations are written save, but they do not always help to find the desired area. In general, you can’t get away from boring backtracking, even if you ignore side tasks.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Обзор

Many characters stand here for beauty – apart from a couple of funny phrases, they are of no use.

Secondly, the timing is not enough for the mechanics to have time to open up. Over time, Repchik has more and more items needed to solve puzzles. A watering can allows you to water plants and get bombs, a shovel is needed for excavations, a sword is used to cut bushes (just like in Zelda, hearts also fall out of them to restore health) and defeat opponents. The most interesting gadget is a portable teleporter, with which you can create two portals and jump between them.

However, the really cool riddles that require all of the above appear only in a short final dungeon. Before that, there are also interesting moments – you need to kick bombs in a certain order, opening hidden sprouts, then move objects and throw them with teleports. But it usually takes no more than two steps to complete these puzzles. I want something a little more intricate, especially with such a large arsenal, and closer to the final game it throws up, but in too small quantities.

The desire to get the most out of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is so great that you are ready to clear the map just like that, without receiving useful rewards for it. Completing side effects will reward you with hats, and solving bonus puzzles will reward you with hearts that increase your maximum health. That’s just ordinary opponents will never kill you – they will need too many hits. But in battles with bosses, the benefits of a large number of “lives” are much more noticeable. Fights with them, by the way, are not bad, but they are not enough, like everything else.

In this universe, bombs also need to be grown.

After passing Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, I want more – either for the sequel to come out as soon as possible, or for some kind of content update to be done. The idea is great, the world with these ridiculous vegetable characters is beautiful, the graphics are wonderful, and overall it’s a pleasure to play. You don’t get stuck anywhere because of strong enemies or difficult riddles, and the jokes turned out to be successful (although they couldn’t do without a couple of button accordions). Fun entertainment for the evening, which is criminally small.

Pros: Surprisingly interesting story with adorable characters; nice visual style; good humor; reminiscent of the classic “Zelda” gameplay, although it is greatly simplified compared to A Link to the Past; solid puzzles, especially closer to the final.

Cons: too short duration; periodic backtracking.

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