Game Mobile - Updated on April 11, 2022

Twilight Shadows – the wizarding world with many mysterious stories yet to be revealed. Hell’s gate contains many scary points. Its destruction has broken the peace of the world. Everything on this planet is slowly degenerating. All life is sucked out of spiritual vitality, causing them to gradually erode. Several evil forces have gathered with the idea of ​​wiping out a thriving civilization.

Your mission is to stop and restore civilization. Together with my friends, how I gathered together. Observe your magical powers to transform into extremely effective masters. Purge evil so that justice shines everywhere. Your pure experience or combat potential will be revealed. Breakthrough and remove the entangled boundary in your coronary arteries.

Twilight Shadows


Draw a free card from Twilight Shadows to enjoy playing as soon as you start logging in. Additional events when you open the recruitment card, you can accumulate more luck. The prospect opens up high-ranking witches with ferocious powers. Will help you have a great trump card. That can give you extra peace of mind about all the disputes and duplications. The unbelievable energy added to your intelligence will be invincible.

Bloody Battle

Experience in the battles of the fighting power of the witches. Only one energy can win. The winner can have each half along with the prize. The loser will only bear the name of failure. Direct your team to beat the map. Each battle will give you a battle experience later. Going through many battles makes you more complete.

Excessive method

Make yourself a smart and great navy soldier. Unlock achievements and trophies for great players. By creating extremely effective and eco-friendly strategies for the team. Using it effectively will leave your opponent breathless. Capture the Twilight Shadows with a powerful lineup and an obtainable way that will make anyone suffer.

Download ( V1.0.3 )
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