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October 14, 2018


Still, DONTNOD Entertainment has a rather strange approach to creating games for an indie studio. Instead of investing in one project, this is not the first time the company manages to run several in parallel. And now, in addition to Life is Strange 2, the French are working on the interactive thriller Twin Mirror. At the IgroMir exhibition, we played the demo version of the latter and now we will share our impressions. Twin Mirror game preview

The developers promised that there would be nothing supernatural in the game. Everything that you now see in the screenshot is happening in the head of the protagonist.

I look at you like in a mirror

Observant players have long noticed that DONTNOD Entertainment often does not create something fundamentally new, but deftly reworks other people’s ideas – gameplay and story. And if before this approach gave unusual results, then in the case of Twin Mirror, the picture is still painfully secondary.

The protagonist of the game is 33-year-old (and I see this as fat symbolism) Sam arrives in a provincial town for the funeral of his best friend. The protagonist recently broke up with his girlfriend and is generally a depressed sufferer. Have we seen this type in other games? Certainly. Take the Cage Lucas Kane and Ethan Mars.

Our hero wakes up in a hotel room. In the sink, he finds a bloodstained shirt and, in the “best” tradition of early David Cage, has no memory of the night before. The plot of Twin Mirror is strongly reminiscent of Fahrenheit, not so much in the personality of the hero, but in this gap in memory and an attempt to understand what the hell happened.

Twin Mirror game preview

But what was definitely not in Indigo Prophecy was talking with your doppelganger. In the new DONTNOD project, a hipster-looking double is something like the inner voice of the hero, with which you can argue or agree.

Fake detective

After waking up, Sam rushes to restore the chronology of last night’s events. To do this, he is transferred to his “mind halls” and wanders around the fantastic area a little, in order to finally find the door, open it and find himself in the same hotel room, only without walls and other important details. This is where the core gameplay mechanic comes into play.

We must find these very details in the real world, and then switch to the world in our heads and try to interact with them there. As a result, we must find all the “evidence” and build the correct sequence of the hero’s actions. What did he do when he entered the room – did he rush to the toilet or ran to wash the ill-fated shirt?

At the end of the demo, Sam is faced with a choice – leaving the room, whether to leave bloodied clothes in it or not. After all, in this game, “every action will have a consequence.” Again. Okay, we’ll take the shirt, but who will clean up the traces of blood in the bathroom? For some reason, the hero does not care, but in the same Fahrenheit it was necessary to destroy all the evidence in the first scene. I hope that in the release version, DONTNOD Entertainment will pay more attention to such small things and make the story more logical.

Twin Mirror game preview

When the chain of events is restored, the walls in the room will literally grow out of the baseboards.


So far, Twin Mirror resembles several projects at once. This is Alan Wake, and Quantic Dream games, and even Life is Strange, because both there and there the action takes place in a town in West Virginia. The sign and method of distribution of the game: it will also be released in episodes.

The hackneyed imagery in Twin Mirror has been disappointing so far, but there’s always a chance the game will eventually turn into something interesting. And by “curious” I don’t mean talking to a weird subconscious doppelgänger, but something really interesting and catchy. The developers have managed to do this before, let’s hope that it will work out this time.

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