News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Twitch has become one of the most popular entertainment platforms. However, a service with such a large audience can serve as a platform for the dissemination of false and malicious information. That is what the changes in the company’s policy are aimed at.

The Spam, Fraud, and Other Unlawful Conduct policy now includes provisions to prohibit the sharing of inappropriate information through Twitch. In case of violation, the distributor’s account will be deleted. At the same time, it is specified that the banhammer will not be used for a one-time mention of misinformation.

Moreover, you can get a header if the user falls under several criteria at once. According to Twitchthe portrait of the violator looks like this: a person obsessively spreading widely refuted and widely known topics containing malicious information.

Various conspiracy theories, dangerous treatments, and so on are cited as examples of unwanted data. However, it should be borne in mind that the voicing of such information during a discussion or as a personal opinion is still allowed by the rules.

Itself Twitch assures that now false information is not very common on the site. According to representatives of the service, the update of the rules most likely will not affect the majority of Twitch users.

Shortly before the policy change, Bloomberg published a material on the outflow of personnel in Twitch. Previously, site employees anonymously complained that the company was only interested in speed and profit, rather than the safety of customers or their own service. As a result, internal conflict led to mass layoffs.

According to the publication, since 2021, 300 employees have already left the organization, and in 2022, another 60 people, including heads of departments. Some of the ex-employees Twitch I am sure that the outflow will not only continue, but also increase. The reason for this is the lack of contact with the community. The focus of the team is on getting the maximum income from streamers, and not on the appeal of fans and content makers. Because of this, the site has lost some of the once loyal audience and colleagues burning with their favorite work.

According to one of the former leaders Twitch Marcus Graham, among the main causes of failure Twitch a model of development similar to Silicon Valley stands out. The company is constantly expanding and is hiring completely different specialists from large IT companies by type Twitter And Meta. However, such diversity leads to the fact that the service itself is completely indifferent to such employees, since they are not interested in and do not understand the gaming industry or streaming.

Another sore is the unwillingness of managers to listen to ordinary employees. If lower- or middle-level employees dared to warn bosses about the consequences of controversial decisions, management simply ignored them. This attitude also affects staff turnover.

However, according to the comment Twitch for Bloomberg, the company has managed to combat employee churn. In 2020 and 2021, the situation has improved significantly with more than 500 people hired and a total workforce of over 1,800 employees.

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