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The gameplay of UEBS 2 is based on a game adaptation of real historical battles, where the user will not only brandish a sword, but also plan the formation of his troops. Using the available skills, as well as pumping combat skills, the novice commander will be able to fully master the art of war and defeat the strongest opponents. The variety of the game is added by endless locations, special weapons and a unique combat system.

Game Modes

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 consists of several game modes: story campaign, sandbox and shooter. In the story mode, the player chooses one of the available scenarios, each of which has a certain set of starting parameters. By participating in a military campaign and winning battles, the commander will gradually increase the advantages of his troops and develop the most suitable combat strategy.

The sandbox mode offers the player to feel like a god of war and have an unlimited number of soldiers at their disposal. In this mode, the commander can deploy troops, recruit professional mercenaries, use any available weapons, and test battles with original battle conditions. Having created a unique battle scenario, the player can share it with friends or make it publicly available.

For fans of dynamic battles, the developers have added a shooter mode to UEBS 2, which allows the player to take part in the battle as a soldier. A warrior must mix with the crowd of his associates and defeat all opponents. The battle is complicated by the fact that a huge number of soldiers enter the battlefield, who strive to destroy each other. Maneuvering between a crowd of armed fighters, a warrior must find an opponent and hit him to death. In shooter mode, the player can turn on the camera in first or third person.

Features and Benefits

The main advantage of the battle is the developed artificial intelligence, thanks to which the battles acquire a truly gigantic scope. In addition, in UEBS 2 you can play not only the standard battle with warriors in armor, but also an absurd fight with zombies, monsters or funny animals. Also, the player can take part in a battle prepared by another user, which allows you to make the gameplay even more diverse.

Mobile version differences

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 was originally released on PC, but its widespread popularity predetermined the emergence of a mobile version of UEBS. The application on the phone has a number of differences from the original battle: they mainly relate to graphics, because. the limited capabilities of smartphones do not allow to convey the full scale of the battle.

At the same time, the application for Android devices allows the player to variably deploy troops and watch the progress of the battle in real time. Also, updates appear faster in the mobile version, so the user regularly gets access to new content.

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