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The UEBS gameplay is based on the sandbox principle: the user recruits his army, sets its parameters and sends it to destroy the enemy. The characteristics of the battle, including the location of the battle and the number of soldiers participating in it, greatly influence the outcome of the battle. Using the available tools, the player can play any historical battles or pit mercenaries from different eras against each other.

Army training

The gameplay begins with the selection of soldiers. In total, the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator features several dozen military classes, among which there are Roman legionnaires, crusaders, musketeers, as well as fantastic creatures, fictional characters, and even animals. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be enhanced or compensated for with weapons and equipment.

Battle Features

Although the simulator does not allow you to change the speed of movement of fighters, the commander can completely change the course of the battle if he correctly places his troops on the map. In this case, the player has two modes of participation – as a commander in chief and as a soldier. Choosing the last option allows you to feel the atmosphere of the battle and make your own contribution to victory. An army can also be strengthened by creating a fighter with exceptional attack or defense abilities.

Playing the role of commander, the user can give orders to several armed units or the entire army as a whole. Orders in UEBS 1 are quite simple and concise: change the attack to the defense, or, conversely, go on the offensive. In some cases, the given order does not affect the course of the battle in any way, while in others it allows you to seize the initiative and crush the enemy overnight. The ability to command adds realism to the gameplay.

Additional features

A distinctive feature of the sandbox are the so-called. God’s powers are special attacks that allow you to quickly deal with the enemy. At will, the player can send a tsunami or tornado to the enemy army, erasing all enemy soldiers from the face of the earth. In addition, the God Mode gives you the opportunity to create a unique battle, where the forces of nature will fight on an equal footing with ordinary people.

The advantages of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 1 also include a variety of locations. There are only seven basic cards, but they can be modified by adding various dangers. Sometimes cataclysms occur by chance; however, they cannot be removed. Obstacles disrupt the attack or defense plan of the enemy, at the same time complicating the battle for both sides of the battle. If desired, you can play the survival mode, reducing all the indicators of the soldiers to almost zero.

The popularity of UEBS 1 is due to the fact that addictive gameplay is combined with simple controls and a well-developed interface, fully translated into Russian. If the user liked the gameplay, he can continue the passage in the second part of the UEBS 2 series or expand the functionality of the application using mods.

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