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Ultimate Fighting has been intently optimized for cell models. You may experience mechanics harking back to blocking, grappling, counterattacking, and chaining assaults collectively to sort “combos” all through the battle. Whether or not or not you want Kung Fu, martial arts, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you may discover the corresponding Champions throughout the Ultimate Combating.

Ultimate Fighting: Tekken Mod APK 1.2.187831 (Continuity skill)

Great game bus sound seems to have disappeared. best fighting game,,,it would be 100% femas game if it had real multiplayer option... The game is fun entertaining and cool to play but this tiktok ad you cant skip it but I love the game. Love this game way better than final fighter. Good game, graphics and all but the ads . THIS IS THE MOST DUMB AND STUPID GAME EVER YOU SUCK.

I will rate 5 Star when this game is not playing with internet connection and your games around to improve your good work.than you for not letting me down. I would give this game 5 stars if it had controller support.. Control is ver very bad expreince and not own time and price is so high. Terlalu banyak Iklan, Mohon Untuk Dev Untuk Mengurangi Iklan... Not an offline game. Final fighter is already online with no offline mode to play on the go and yet this is just another online only .

Nice game give more graphic to play very nice. Trash game not online game but needs Internet. Why there is only story mode,and no pvp mode?. Goooooooooooood ausome graphics with ultimate and miraculous skills and features. The graphics of the game is great and I'm having fun playing it. But the game keeps crashing and it always freezes. Please fix it, I do really like the game..

Too much ads there is ads after every match but its good for the first 30 levels. Pls add multiplayer so me and my friends ca play thank you.. This game is so beautiful and ilove it. Love it just like old times........ I am happy that final fighters got new sequel and charecters are able to came back. But this game had much more potential. There are forced ads before and after every match..

Very decent game would rate 3 or 4 stars but way wayyyyy to many ads and you can't play with wifi. puro adds. ang naluwas baga egdi pagka pinangit mong hinayupak ka mababaldi lang ang makawat saimo kung puro ka adds.. Not bad, but it all about graphics, gameplay experience is below average. This is the most hi Kathy school. Very good game but there should be new character and very good effect like kof but is very good it is low mb and good graphics game.

Good game but only online No offline Mode plz add offline mode..... I hate that game very much it gives me a lot ads I hate that game. Remove ads add clan system and add battle pass for a great gaming experience. its good, but full of ads that keep crashing the game.. Game is good but the amount of ads is unbearable...thats the only reason i am deleting this game...if u want to make it good just reduce the ads.. all else is good.

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads. Too many ads, boring... just uninstall the game.... GREAT EFFORT. EXCELLENT GRAPHICS. EDICTIVE. SMOOTH CONTROL. ALL NEW HEROES. NEED A LITTLE WORK ON GRAPHIC SMOOTHNESS AND A BIT LESS ADDS.. I would have given you five stars but there are no special events in this game. Awesome, an great graphics as well. Thank You .

Only you guys not developing mobile games so why should be adds are must for maintaining game.. Every time before and after adds gives only 3rd class temporary games. But this game is not like other 3rd class game we know. It should show adds with reward only. Not a forcefully watching adds. And there's no save game data option yet. If anyone lost his phone, his game progress will be lost also. I left your Final fighter game for spamming combo. Anyone can take whole HP whith those spamming move.. Give us a Bruce Lee character, boxing, mma, and grappler and do something about the sound every time I play I don't hear the sound effects and I you guys can give us avatar creation mode and make 3 dimension instead of 2 dimension it will be a great game. Not perfect game graphics are very bad but heros action was so awesome I like this game but fixed this problem. This is a very beautiful game. This game is so good and this game is addictive but my only problem with this game is the ads BECAUSE every time you play it there are ads. but nice game and happy enjoying this game..

Too many ads, before and after a fight. But other than that, this is a great game.. Good game but i hate it lots of ad. Nice app But one problem is in this game adhik so much. Make this game a multiplayer please, my brother introduced this game to me and i wanna play this game with him, thanks. Tbh so many ads and bots can use special skills in the beginning without even combo its so annoying.

Sound definitely needs work. Feels like fluff, instead of a hard punch. 5 sec skippable ads are fine, but non-skippable ads before & after a match, NO. The sound doubles up after an ad, which is like "hammering your own foot" done by devs. There could be a system where you watch certain number of ads, get rewards and no more ads, everyone happy. Again skippable are fine but non-skippable, makes it unbearable. Fine with cartoonish style, but have to test pvp yet. Selling point, small size.. Game is Very Nice But the ads before the fight, after the fight everytime annoys moreover sound also crashes so as the game in middle of a fight my game crashed 2 times it doesn't happen in a row though.. This game has good game play and graphic BUT has a very high stupidity of Advert which consume my data and clearly the game developer are only interested in cashing out our money. Please do rethink a better way of improvement by making all characters and stages available then will can purchase the game for Good. That's my suggestion...... advice must say keep your goodwell. Fu__king game too much ad very irritating....

Wayyyyyy too many ads. Could probably be fun, if you could stand to watch ada more than you actually play.. Macherchod devoleper wifi on net ase tai bole net somossa bokachoda game Sala khainkir pola ra. Another game with just ads. This is an online mode game which means the game needs internet to function, it feels like the developers enabled this feature so we are forced to watch ads to claim revenue because there's an ad before a fight, an ad after a fight. I'm too afraid to spend close to $5 NZ for no ads because there's no other reviews saying whether it works or not. The game has the ability to be great, maybe touch up on the combat blow sound effects which will sound more satisfying.. I want to at least rate this a 3 star but this ads is annoying BUT NOT MORE ANNOYING THAN THIS GAME CRASHING IN THE MIDDLE OF A ONLINE FIGHT ALMOST ALL THE TIME which ruins my experience in this game.not to mention some character have a bleeding debuff that could be applied on the other opponent while the other characters doesn't have that access.. So cool I love so much.

I played this game only for 5 mins and i have uninstall it because of too much ads. I recommend not to download this game. Its too much annoying.. Isn't this final fighter? Can we transfer characters from final fighter? Your not trying to charge twice for the same game and characters are you?. This game is vary nice graphics is so cool but adds is disturbing. This is fantastic game , only one issue too many ads, but game is outstanding, fabulous,very nyc graphics, smooth gameplay,keeped up, very good game,wel done,5 game . Very nice game I feel like I am playing taken 5 in pc .

I mean its ok its like combo system is okay? But the juggling system is trash and like idk but i know the game has a story but... Its trash is there like a final boss? at the end?. This game is good but problems is ads whenever I'm complete the level show many ads please remove ads. Very nice in final fighter some character have locked in this game should be playable I love the graphic and the character of the game. Super home one of the favourite game. It automatically quits when I am playing game..

very great game though the amount of ads in it are annoying. Copied game and there is nice trick adopted to earn money from advertisements.. Allll the way done done . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ...........: :: : : : _#:::::;:;:;:!;;:? I'm . . . . .. Lag bugs i hate dislike game like dis. Excellent fighting game with a wide assortment of characters, movesets, and nice on screen assistance for combos and the like. Prefer there to be an offline option but overall still very good..

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