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In December world where all individuals continue with a few civilizations. The invasion of monsters has destroyed the human habitat. A human post-apocalypse will happen in case you get knocked down. Bear the noble duty of the entire human civilization. You will struggle with enthusiasm and dedication. With strong will and thoughts as anchors.

Survive in this gloomy and lifeless world. Resist the barbaric attacks of the monster army. Accomplish your goals in life and proceed along your journey with friends. Firmly defend the weapon in hand to destroy hordes of zombies and hideous monsters. Remove limitations and people that get in the way of your methodology. Revive human civilization with vitality.


Value transfer chart

With a storyline that made the name of the game Undecember. Make sure to make the buyer feel the creator’s value. Buyers with in-depth knowledge can even immerse themselves in the fantasies that the game offers. The enjoyment of the plot of the journey is crammed with suspense and fun. Is there any support for passionate players to stimulate and stimulate their Pk potential? Along with increasing self-confidence.

Without limits

Do your best thing with your mates inside the neighborhood. There are usually no recommendations or limitations on the participants themselves. Do it doesn’t matter what you want and make concepts come into concepts. Talent, vitality, and more., There are no restrictions exactly right here. In all probability, you can improve continuously to a stage you want or if you find yourself fast on assets. The value of a role-playing game is right here.

Play with your idols

As an option Undecember to adopt or imitate individuals who came before. So why don’t you create your gameplay? You are special in the journey to play and feel. Willpower will let you discover joy and pleasure. All boredom, frustration, and fear will disappear if you find yourself in this world. A playground in your breakthrough and sublimation mold.

Download ( V6.0 and up )
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