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I will say without undue modesty: if I personally had not found this gem called Underhero in the muddy stream of the “role” section of Steam and offered to write about it to Andrey Makoveev, then you would have read about this masterpiece only, God forbid, somewhere through year in the next issue of the column “We missed it in vain”. And about the same situation would repeat as with Undertale, about which I wrote very, yes, very modest, sprinkling ashes on my head and apologizing for the fact that we did not tell about this masterpiece in time. And these analogies are not at all accidental: there are many similarities between these games.


Yes, Underhero is also a 2D “pixelated” RPG (although it looks prettier than Undertale), which relies on sparkling humor, parody, colorful characters, an engaging story, great music, and a great variety of situations and locations that the hero finds himself in.

We are tuned in the right way from the very first seconds. It all starts with the fact that the main character of the 99th level, accompanied by a talking magic handle named Elizabeth the Fourth, arrives at the castle of the main villain to save the kidnapped princess and fight the final “boss”. But one of the frightened minions of the main villain accidentally drops a huge chandelier on him and his unlucky colleagues. Everyone is in shock (especially this minion), a kind, almost invincible hero is killed, and only Elizabeth the Fourth, groaning, asks to be pulled out from under the rubble.

We do this, and then bystanders of this scene drag the killer involuntarily into the hall of the main “boss”, Mr. Stitches (Mr. Stitches – he really looks like he was sewn from different pieces), where they tell the owner about the feat that we accomplished. He releases the crazed princess as unnecessary, pats us on the shoulder and entrusts a very important mission – to bring back four very important stones that the good (and now dead) hero took away from his henchmen, that is, local “bosses”.

So one of the minions of the villain, a small modest guy in a mask, becomes a kind of hero in reverse. True, in order to complete his task, he will have to fight with the same enemies and “bosses” with whom the previous companion of Elizabeth the Fourth fought. She, having become our new partner-mentor (also reluctantly), believes that we really need to stop the evil in the face of Mr. Stitch, which shocks the masked boy – after all, he has a poster depicting his favorite boss in his bedroom …

Underhero game review

Well, how can you not smile?

Best Comedy of the Year

In such a hilariously parody vein, the whole game takes place. In the castle of the main “boss” each minion has his own room, where you need to go by elevator. And in order to save in a special zone and go to some locations, you need to have an official ID. There is also a bar, an “evil store” and a theater where Mr. Stitch periodically announces from the big stage about another victory over the forces of good to thunderous applause – and then, amid hooting, announces that due to a budget deficit, he is forced to cancel one of his favorite his henchmen holidays.

You can talk to everyone in the castle (and these are all some kind of leeches, boogers, snails, crabs, butterflies and beetles) after hearing another funny story. And by the way, you can even communicate with enemies right during the battle. Moreover, they are allowed to give bribes to win over and avoid bloodshed – something like Undertale, isn’t it?

Here you can see how minions hold a rally in the dining room demanding wages, insurance and potions, meet a schizophrenic butterfly suffering from a split personality, chat and make friends with a talking candle named Bella, which is carried in the air by her friend, a little ghost …

Of course, communication with Elizabeth the Fourth brings a special flavor to all this. In one situation, when we need to climb somewhere very high, she explains for a long time that, they say, you have to jump from wall to wall, like in any self-respecting platform game. “How can you not do this? Okay, let’s just use the elevator!” she says.

Underhero game review

The “bosses” here are also big.

True, in order for this elevator to go, you first need to get a spare part for it. We travel a long way for her, fight a lot and nervously jump over traps, and in the end it turns out that the one who has it is sitting in the toilet and promising half the kingdom and that very detail for toilet paper.

Laughter, but not only

Yes, Underhero does not have the same – somewhere even philosophical – depth that Undertale has, it’s more of a bright comedy. There are also many times fewer deeply developed and memorable characters, the heroes (with rare exceptions) fulfill their roles, laugh off their jokes and give way to others. And this happens because if Undertale was more like an interactive book with game elements, then Underhero is primarily a game in the 2D platform RPG genre. But very funny and different.

We jump, overcome various traps and obstacles, float on our cloak to reach the next very narrow platform and not fall on stakes, swim underwater, look for secrets and chests with bonuses, collect coins that can be used to buy potions and hammers in stores to repair the shield and useful upgrades.

And, of course, we fight a lot, including with large and tenacious “bosses”, and pump our hero in a mask. At each level, you need to choose one of the improvements – increase damage, maximum health or stamina.

Endure the hardy

“Stamina” is of paramount importance in battles. True, the battles themselves take place in a kind of step-by-step mode. Well, almost: opponents stand opposite each other (or fly / crawl if they are butterflies or spiders) and strike depending on whether there is enough stamina for this. And that is spent on every sneeze: in the case of our hero, also on dodges and using a shield, which can either simply block a blow (the shield takes damage and can break), or parry it in time to temporarily stun the enemy.Underhero game review

Just from the screenshots, this game might seem like a typical platform game.

That is, here we have carried out one or two actions, and then we rest, accumulate endurance, and at this time our enemy is already attacking. It always turns out very difficult and exciting fights in which you need to correctly use the “stamina” and dodge and parry in time – this immediately increases the flow of energy. By the way, we hit enemies with Elizabeth the Fourth, because it is she who is the magic handle from which either a sword for quick attacks or a huge hammer for powerful, but very exhausting blows comes out.

Add here the already mentioned ability to communicate with enemies and give them bribes. Plus, the rage mode and a wide variety of opponents with their own tactics: butterflies and bats fly, and you still need to aim at them and hit them with a slingshot, crabs periodically run back and throw something, making them jump, spiders spit poison and cobwebs from which you need to get out , violently pressing the specified key, and so on and so forth.

To not get bored

In general, Underhero is a very diverse game. Here we come to take away the key we need from the mafia crab, and he offers to arrange a race. Say, we will overcome all obstacles and come first to the finish line, and he will give the key for free. And we run from the start line to the finish line, fighting along the way, avoiding traps and nervously looking at the graph showing who is now ahead. Underhero game review

Management in Underhero is normal and does not fail in such situations.

And when we come to another place to get the next key, the horizontal gameplay changes to vertical – there we no longer run and jump back and forth, but try to climb higher and higher, jumping on the platforms going up.

In the same way, the locations themselves shuffle sharply and interestingly. Green meadows, fields, rivers, typical dungeons and levels in a huge tree coexist with snowstorm and cold, which causes damage until we run into the nearest mansion. And that one turns out to be a typical gloomy castle with ghosts and dark cellars. And in order to light them up, we first have to catch that very strange couple from Bella’s candle and her ghostly friend.

On the spot, of course, and mini-games. The first of them hilariously beats typical riddles when we are asked questions about the knowledge of “lore”. Here it is arranged as participation in a real TV show – with an energetic host, thunderous applause and confetti. And time for answers is limited.

Underhero game review

You have witnessed a bribe being given while on duty!


I would like to talk about Underhero for a long time – I have not yet said anything about chic music, which, by the way, can be changed at your discretion, finding new cassettes with tracks in chests. But, as they say, it’s better to see once. Yes, it is immediately noticeable that the authors drew inspiration from Undertale. But who will raise a hand to throw a stone at them for this? On the contrary, to all those who, after passing the masterpiece of Toby Fox (Toby Fox), asked on the forums and in the comments what to do now, what to play, I answer, pointing to Underhero – this is the game that will make up for the shortage of Undertale in your body.

Pros: ironic plot; a lot of colorful characters; chic humor; great music; varied and addictive gameplay; interesting battles; nice looking picture.

Cons: no Russian translation; like Undertale, this game ends sooner or later.

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