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Beautiful dynamic and very colorful battles, interesting heroes and a huge number of different levels – that’s what the Unison League game offers us.

Unison League Codes (2023 March) 2.9.8
List of Codes Expiration date
SP3JV5RUEZA August 17, 2022
N75XMS2PWF July 18, 2022
K9VRH04BO August 29, 2022
BJHXLDS9QVG August 11, 2022
SAF9RIX8Q6KV August 11, 2022
CPW2AS3EIB5 July 14, 2022

An anime-style RPG game that offers its players long hours of exciting journeys and various missions in which you have to defeat hundreds of enemies and dozens of bosses that make the earth and the best warriors tremble, but not you and not your squad , which will purposefully make its way through the crowds of evil monsters, leaving behind only the corpses of enemies and peace of mind for people. Protect a beautiful, fairy-tale world from the invasion of dark forces and keep it intact, become a legend and lead new and new warriors of good.

If you encounter someone who cannot be defeated alone, then do not forget that you are not alone in this struggle between good and evil, and for every helper of darkness, there are two carriers of light. Therefore, gather guilds, or call friends for help, but let the evil spirits understand that they are not welcome here, and that you will stand up for your land to the last warrior.

Do not lose sight of the development of your character. If you, obsessed with glorious victories and inspired by the defeat of another minion of evil, forget about pumping and improving your hero, then with each new battle, the chance to die a brave but stupid death will increase.

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