Hướng dẫn - Updated on January 3, 2023

Titled team of craftsmen from Unity showed a new tech demo called Enemies. It reflects all the power and capabilities of the engine, allowing you to create hyper-realistic models of people.

According to the authors, Enemies took over a year to create. The tech-demo develops the mechanics laid down in the previous work – The Heretic. Improvements include an improved 4D pipeline, more realistic eyes with iris caustics, a new skin shader, as well as blood circulation simulation technology and wrinkle distribution maps. For realistic curls of the heroine, a new toolkit is used to create, simulate and render hair.

Newly Acquired Studio Technologies Ziva Dynamics also formed the basis of the demo. It is important to understand that the presented video is just a fragment of a longer short film. To speed up the process, the team broke the film into segments. “We hope that with developments Ziva Dynamics we will soon be able to release the project in the form in which it was originally conceived. Technology Ziva will allow us to produce much more realistic facial animations,” the authors of Enemies.

The tools involved in the work on the tech-demo will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

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