News - Updated on March 25, 2022

Some developers criticize Unity for the fact that she makes the engine, but not the game. Like, Epic Games went through a bunch of releases, develops Fortnite and therefore, in his own skin, he feels what developers need from Unreal Engine, and Unity does nothing of the sort. with the project Gigaya this must change.

As tells Unity on the official blog Gigaya – This is an internal development, but as close as possible to ordinary conditions. For example, the game team consists of 15 people of different professions – programmers, artists, designers and producers. The team works in a hybrid mode: someone is in the office, and someone is remote. Gigaya will go through the production cycle until the victorious – before the release on Steam. It will be the first demo from Unity in the shop Valve.

From Gigaya will also make a teaching tool. Developers will be able to see in detail how the game was designed, what programming techniques the team used, how the production process was built, what optimization tricks were used, and so on.

Release Gigaya should take place during 2022. All the insides of the game, including assets and source code, will be made available for free to Unity users.


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