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UniWar is an addictive real-time turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. It contains all the classic elements of the genre and, nevertheless, everyone will find their own zest in it. Don’t really like strategy? Just install UniWar on your gadget, start the gameplay, and you will definitely change your idea of ​​this genre. Colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay will drag you into the virtual world for a long time and give you a lot of positive emotions.

Codes List Expiration date Number of
2IVXD1G3MKY August 2, 2022 931
SCYOGMVHW0 July 24, 2022 327
4GLWZIVOY August 2, 2022 500
RAO1QCX5M4P August 4, 2022 483
T09ZQUBICXAH July 17, 2022 602
E8YZ3ULV4IP August 5, 2022 858

The rules of the game are simple. Each participant builds his army and enters into a confrontation with an opponent. The whole process is a sequence of opponents’ moves, like in chess, where the chosen terrain affects the opponent’s attack indicators. In UniWar, you can choose from three races that you will play as. Each race will have 8 different types of warriors. Improve your skills and improve the capabilities of your troops with various add-ons to make them stronger. You can play alone against artificial intelligence and go through 21 exciting missions one after another. Or fight in the company of friends against rivals from all over the world and climb to the top of the global ranking table. The game has over 10,000 custom maps with different types of terrain.

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