APK - Updated on September 15, 2023

Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way is a real world of magic and magic that every player can find himself in. No one has seen the scale of this RPG yet, because it is really a living world with real players.

Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way
MOD APK (One Hit) 3.9.3

The land of Utopia is famous for its fantastic climate and vast territory. This big world is filled with dangers and terrible mythical creatures. Start by building your own house and upgrade it to the scale of a great kingdom. Constantly travel and explore fabulous territories, extracting a variety of resources and materials. Visit the forests, take part in adventures through the deserts and many more different locations await players in this Utopia. Explore this fantasy land again and again, armed to the teeth and killing monsters. Find treasures and use them to improve your character’s life in Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way. Climb up the ruins and even face bosses like Cyclops or Dragons. Features of Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way

  • Fantastic beautiful world and large-scale territory of Utopia;
  • Building your own castle and managing it;
  • Global multiplayer mode;
  • The liveliest atmosphere.

Download ( V3.9.3 )
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