News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Updates for Dota 2 are not released as often as the community would like. That is why each patch is worth its weight in gold. the day before Valve released a major update 7.31 with a new hero and fixes to one of the old ones, the Demoman Techies.

New hero

Let’s start with a newbie in the pool of fighters Dota 2. They became Primal Beast (Primal Beast) – the hero-initiator, able to shove everyone in his path and beat enemies on the ground. As stated in the blog, the beast experiences nothing but pain and hunger, and also came from another dimension. “He is again on the path of murder and destruction – and the insignificant rudiments of civilization are hardly able to keep the age-old monster in check,” reads the description of the character.

Primal Beast Abilities:

  • Onslaught – the hero accelerates and runs in the selected direction, pushing both enemies and allies aside. When colliding with enemies, deals damage to them and stuns them. The longer the acceleration was prepared, the further the hero will run. The run can be stopped at any time with the cancel command.

  • Trample is a heavy step that deals damage. For a certain number of steps, enemies in the area around the hero receive base damage, as well as increased attack damage. While the ability is active, the beast cannot hit.

  • Uproar – The bad temper of the hero passively increases his damage. In addition, one ability charge is given when the character takes even a little damage from enemy heroes. Releases a roar when activated, increasing armor and attack damage, and slowing surrounding enemies. Each of these effects increases with the number of stacks of the ability.

  • Pulverize (“ultimate”; interruptible) – the hero grabs the selected enemy and slams him to the ground several times, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of ​​​​effect and briefly stunning them.

  • Rock throw is an ability unlocked by obtaining Aghanim’s Shard. The beast throws a stone at the specified point, which stuns enemies and deals damage to them.

A small overview of the new character.

Techies Changes

In the circle of fans Dota 2 Techies is considered a highly unbalanced hero. Some of his mines are worth something – although the number of one-time bombs is limited, an invisible threat seriously puts pressure on the enemy team. The developers have revised the skills of the miners, giving them new skills, and the bombs, unloved by many, have become the ultimate ability.

Now the Techies set looks like this:

  • Sticky bomb (new) – Throws a sticky bomb at the target area. If it lands near an enemy, it will stick to it and slow its movement before exploding.

  • Reactive tazer (new) – The hero surrounds himself with a charge of electricity, increasing his movement speed. If you attack him, then impotence will be applied to the offender. At the end of the effect, the charge explodes, inflicting impotence on enemies around.

  • Blast off! – Techies launches into the air to deal massive damage to himself and enemies in the target area. Important: now the hero cannot die when receiving this damage.

  • Proximity mines (“ultimate”) – a deadly mine that appears from invisibility if there is an enemy in the explosion radius. Previously was the character’s first ability.

Patch 7.31 brings a few more changes to the game, including regular balance changes and mob buffs. You can find all the details of the update here.

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