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The gameplay of Vampire Survivors includes dozens of different challenges, the main goal of which is to stay alive. However, this is quite difficult to do, because the maps are filled with crowds of dangerous and insatiable enemies. To defeat all night creatures, the player needs to find equipment, and then collect coins, spending them on weapon upgrades. Deftly dodging blows and inflicting devastating damage to opponents, the hero will be able to survive the night and receive a generous reward.

Gameplay overview

At the beginning of the game campaign, the fighter’s inventory is completely empty, so at first the player must stock up on jewels and treasures. The received gold can be spent on the purchase and improvement of equipment. Also, as you progress, the hero will earn experience points necessary to upgrade the character’s skills. Do not neglect the development of abilities and weapons, since the probability of survival depends on it.

How to defeat enemies

Moving around the location is much more complicated due to the huge number of enemies. They attack the hero in droves, thereby taking away health points. Enemies vary in strength, stamina, and resilience; some of them wield weapons, others engage in hand-to-hand combat. At the same time, enemies come out only at night, and the daytime period should be spent on pumping a fighter and equipment. If the character dies, the night ends and the player is reborn. After death, the accumulated jewelry and items from the inventory do not disappear.

Combinations and evolutions

The main difference between Vampire Survival is the variability of the gameplay, which is preserved by building various game combinations. The player can change the passage, creating the most winning combinations – builds – from characters, weapons and evolutions. The process of evolution, or synergy, is the combination of a pair of weapons and a passive item that enhances the combat abilities of a sword, knife, etc. Typically, these upgrades are found in chests that drop from bosses or are located in certain areas of the map.

In addition, to complete the level, the hero will need a pentagram – one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Pentagram can be obtained by living 20 game minutes for any character. The action of this item is aimed at all enemies, which, after using it, are completely erased from the map. With the latest updates, the pentagram combinations necessary for its improvement have been added to the game. Reactivation of the pentagram is possible after its restoration.

Android version

Vampire Survival was originally developed for Windows devices, but die-hard fans have created a mobile demo version of the adventure that you can install on your phone. The smartphone app includes a limited number of tests. At the same time, the mobile version, as well as the desktop version, has a translation into Russian.

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