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Start creating the most powerful space fleet to go to new battles with it. To participate, you need to download VEGA Conflict for Android and then it will really start to free the huge galaxy. You will have to accept the challenge and fight with players around the world, and in addition, go through an exciting story company, destroy huge waves of monsters and move as far as possible. You have to organize a powerful defense for your military base so that no rival can get here. A corporation called VEGA will constantly bypass you at the level of development, so do not neglect the trick.

VEGA Conflict
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If you download VEGA Conflict for Android, you can enjoy the following features without stopping:

  • Perfect 3D image graphics with memorable special effects;
  • The global space of the galaxy, which can be explored and travel to new systems;
  • A system for managing your space station and improving warships;
  • A wide variety of weapons, including futuristic guns of the future;
  • Multiplayer game mode.

Space global conflict Start pumping your own space fleet and enjoy its increased power. Use your own intelligent strategy that will be able to outwit enemies and gain an advantage even in battles with Bosses. As soon as the money appears, pump over the ship and supplement it with even more cool and incredible weapons. Lead your army to victory and capture the entire vast galaxy. Take part in the battles of the multiplayer game mode and think over your every action. If your phone dies, then you can quickly log in from your tablet or personal computer and continue the battle. Never stop your war.

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