APK - Updated on January 9, 2023

Vegas Crime Simulator is a dynamic action game in which you will play the role of a notorious gangster who came with one goal – to rob and kill, causing as much destruction as possible.

Vegas Crime Simulator  MOD APK (Free Download) 6.2.8

Your main character, in a painfully familiar Hawaiian shirt, at the sight of which only one single game is remembered. And this hero is not a bit of a hero, but very much the opposite. He is a villain, a killer and a destroyer. You have no goals in this game, you don’t have to do anything, there is no plot, but only complete freedom of action and a not badly built city, with periodically lagging inhabitants and textures.

In general, the game is another clone of the GTA series of games, and, if we talk about the original, it is a rather vile clone. But, if you do not take into account the original, but compare only with dozens of clones, then this is not the worst replica of all.

Shoot at civilians, blow up cars and crowds of people, steal cars and motorcycles, kill representatives of the authorities protecting law and order in this town. Steal a tank and set the heat on this city, which is too relaxed without hot gangster hugs. Get into the helicopter and start “watering” everything that moves under you with lead rain, seasoning with “Z-V” rockets. Go all out, but remember that the cops won’t be too polite to you if you kill half the population of Vegas, so be careful and vigilant before planning to land or exit the tank.

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