Game Mobile - Updated on September 5, 2022

Velocity Rush: Z brings 3D shooter fans to the world after a devastating nuclear war, in which almost everything around lies in ruins and bloodthirsty zombies, mutants Variables roam everywhere, and gangs of thieves are active. The user will have to play on the side of a special government army unit engaged in clearing the desired territories from all the undead.

Velocity Rush: Z

Controlling a young and experienced warrior, android players will kill zombies by various means, pass many tests, and earn virtual money and experience to increase their skills. There are many online battle events, team battles in different online arenas, cool skins, and surprise gifts when you win certain achievements. You’ll appreciate the exciting mix of polygonal design and pixelated graphics, amazing effects, and elaborate combat staging.

Start with the first Velocity Rush: Z mission and lead your hero into battle. Shoot any zombie with a gun, use pistols, grenades, and even machetes in battle. Get a variety of first aid kits, cash tanks, armor potions, damage modifiers, and movement speed modifiers. Breakthrough on special vehicles, capture key strategic routes, and destroy hordes of mutants with machine guns and flamethrowers.

Velocity Rush: Z mod earns money to buy the coolest gear and unlock powerful weapons, instantly upgrading all-important combat skills. Protect the important ones, clear the perimeter of hungry creatures, and fight opponents online in special modes. Get cool rifles, sniper scopes, cool armor sets, custom skins, and more as rewards!

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