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Literally 20 years ago, if you said that you were going to build a majestic city on your phone, recruit an army there, and go hiking – at best you would be mistaken for a lover of miniature figures, and in most cases you would ride to a yellow house with closed windows , talk to a doctor and stay for long-term treatment until these nonsense are kicked out of you.

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09JW71NSRYP August 17, 2022
UWZHXVTYI5 August 9, 2022
M8WTUCJI4 July 29, 2022
69N8UJFMRE2 August 18, 2022
VDRK6PY89AC2 September 10, 2022
0XVQEHNS1RU August 18, 2022

But we live in the age of modern technology, and building a city on a phone is not the most difficult operation performed by a person. But it is very interesting and captivating. It’s not all work, sometimes you can give free rein to desires and even for a while (for a long time, by the way, you don’t need to) “hang” over problems and plunge into the distant, distant times when the Vikings were considered terrible, cruel and merciless barbarians, and not heroes of funny cartoons about dragons.

The Vikings: War of Clans game offers such an opportunity. In it, you have to rebuild your Viking village, located on the edge of a cliff, and turn it into a huge advanced settlement, though it won’t work out right away, but not in 20 years, but somewhere in about half a year.

The beauty of build-and-protect games is that your instructions are carried out without your presence, and sometimes for several days. Literally after a week of playing, you will notice that you can enter the game less often and it is not necessary to check every 5 minutes whether the army has arrived or this or that house has been built. Soon, the buildings will be transferred to long-term construction, and your task will only be to periodically send troops to conquer new territories or to collect resources.

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